3 Top Tips to Dominate LinkedIn

If your target audiences are other businesses (B2B), LinkedIn is one of the social networks you need to focus on. It has over 467 million users and it is 277% more effective than Facebook and Twitter in the generation of leads.

Therefore, to help you get the most out of this social network, I am going to show you my top tips to using Linkedin. I am going to share everything from setting up the perfect profile to sharing the right type of content to using groups.

Use these tips to dominate LinkedIn

Setting up the perfect LinkedIn profile

It is important to set up the perfect page (profile in LinkedIn’s case) before you begin marketing yourself on any social network. When people come across your profile on LinkedIn, they will go through it before they decide to connect with you. As having more connections matters on LinkedIn, it is important for you to set up an effective LinkedIn profile.

The first thing your profile requires is an easy to recognize headshot. You should be smiling and looking very welcoming in it. Don’t forget to add a headline which provides some quick information about you. Also add your website and your location. Adding your location will encourage people in your locality to connect with you as Linkedin users can filter profile searches by location.

After that add in all the skills you possess and your work experience to the profile.

Once you add all the details, you can summarize everything in the ‘Summary’ section. As the Summary is placed at the top, even those taking a quick glance at your profile will read it. Be very meticulous while writing it. Make sure it is error free.

Tai Lopez’s LinkedIn profile is an example of a well set up one. As you can see in the above screenshot, he has a very good headshot as his profile picture. He is smiling and it looks warm and inviting. He has also added other details like his headline, website address and location.

His profile summary and experience descriptions are also very well written. Make sure you properly go through his profile before you begin creating or fortifying yours.

Sharing the right content

Once you set up your LinkedIn profile properly you can begin sharing content. When you share better content more people will engage with your updates and checkout your profile. This should help you get more connections and traffic if you share content from your blog.

The type of content you share should depend on your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

If you want to increase engagement, you should be posting more links as these kinds of updates get 45% more follower engagement.

For more comments you should post questions, as status updates with questions get 50% more comments. Working on getting more comments can be very useful not just on LinkedIn, but for your content marketing strategy as well, as you can use the answers to generate ideas for your blog posts.

Posting links can also increase traffic. This can be highly beneficial, as aforementioned LinkedIn generates more leads than Facebook and Twitter combined. Your conversion rate will be high, especially if you have a well optimized website and/or landing pages.

Images also get a lot of comments. They have a 98% higher comment rate. Hence, it would be a good idea to accompany your comment with an image.

For more shares, you should post videos on LinkedIn as they have 75% higher share rate.

Figure out what exactly you want to get out of LinkedIn and share the content accordingly. You could experiment by sharing a mix of these different media and determine what works best for you.

Post these updates between 8 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday only, as these are the best times and days to post.

LinkedIn also found that when you post a minimum of 20 times a month, you reach at least 60% of your audience. If you follow the above times and post daily from Monday to Friday, avoiding the weekends, that should be around the recommended 20.

They aren’t very specific about the time. You can experiment with different times between 8 AM to 5 PM to see what brings the best results.

Using groups

Along with your profile, you should also make the most out of groups. This will help you get even more exposure.

To get the best results out of groups all you need to do is share some quality content and take part in active discussions.

You can first begin by looking for relevant groups in your niche using the LinkedIn Group Directory. Once you join the groups, don’t directly begin sharing your own content.

You should start off by taking part in discussions. Read the content and questions other people have posted. Then leave helpful encouraging comments under each. And when someone responds to your comment, respond back. Also send invitations and connect with these people.

You can also just like their updates in the groups, but if you really want to make a solid impression, leave a detailed comment or do both (comment and like).

Once you build a positive reputation about yourself, you can begin publishing your own group posts. Here again, have a strategy, start by only posting quality content others have written. Show group members that you want to help them find the best tips. Once you begin getting a good response for this content, you can commence posting content from your own website. This will get you more engagement and traffic.

After you follow the above process and build a stellar reputation in each group you join, you can save time by using a LinkedIn scheduling tool that lets you post to several groups at once. But make sure you only post relevant content in each group. Irrelevant bad quality content can irritate some users and ruin the reputation you have built.

These are the 3 methods you can use to dominate LinkedIn. Start off by setting up or fortifying your LinkedIn page using the above tips. After that begin sharing content both through your profile and groups. These methods will help you get engagement, traffic, leads and connections.

How do you dominate LinkedIn? Would you like to share your tips with us? Please leave your comments below.