Three Social Media Trends that Brands Will Adopt in 2013

2012 was the year of businesses integrating social media into their marketing plans. Social media benefitted thousands and thousands of businesses last year, leading to an increased online presence and a better, more relatable brand image for lots of companies. As great as 2012 was for businesses using social media, everything is pointing to 2013 being even better. A more advanced understanding of social media means more businesses will adopt even better social media tactics, leading to a more connected and better social business atmosphere.

2013 is going to be huge for social media and businesses of all sizes. Check out these social media practices that are likely going to become very popular this year. If you run a business that uses social media, adopt these tactics early to become a leader of the pack.

Emotion Reaches Social Media

One huge benefit to social media that more and more brands will start to realize and adopt in 2013 is that social media allows brands to add emotion. Having a relatable brand is becoming increasingly more important since social media adds voice to a company, and adding emotion to that voice will make companies even more relatable. It’s about much more than interaction; it’s about emotional communication. Successful social media brands in 2013 will have “feelings” when interacting with users.

More Photo Integrations

Last year, Facebook purchased Instagram for one billion dollars. The value of the photograph is going up, and expect it to play a huge role in social media in 2013. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a picture on social media may be worth even more. That could be an image of a product being used by a celebrity, or creative ways that users use the product. Even a fan of T-Mobile might be excited enough to share pictures from when he or she went to shop T-Mobile cell phone accessories. Expect social media contests to become more integrated with photos, and move away from the “first retweet wins” kind of contest. We could see an interesting event with photo integrations into social media though, as Twitter recently stopped integration with Instagram. Will this force brands to move away from Instagram, or simply work around it?

Customer Response

The most successful social media brands in 2012 were the ones that thoroughly interacted with all of their customers online. In 2013, expect brands to shift away from email communications and instead focus their communications on using social media. Airlines have been great at addressing customer complaints on social media in the last year, and expect more companies to adopt this kind of practice in 2013. In the past, when a customer emailed a complaint to a company, that complaint was hidden in an email inbox. But now, a customer complaining on social media means the entire world can see it. If companies fail to respond to customer complaints on Twitter, it looks as if the user is being ignored. Expect more brands to have dedicated response teams to clear up any issues on social media.

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