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Email marketing is one of the most widespread tactics used by those marketing online, designed to build in multiple different opportunities to sell to prospects. While it might be relatively difficult to sell to a person who lands on your website for the first time, the odds of a sale increase in proportion to the number of opportunities prospects have to buy. This is where email marketing comes in. With the help of email marketing software, it can be possible to build a campaign that delivers marketing messages to these prospects time and time again, thereby increasing the number of selling opportunities available for each prospect.

Email marketing done well can be a strong catalyst for business growth and success. Done badly, it can be inefficient, and in the worst case even damaging for the businesses involved. A solid email marketing campaign should be run with analytical rigor, and nothing should ever be left to chance. Test different variables and techniques, try different strategies, and respond to what the data is telling you. One of the key advantages of marketing in this way is access to firm statistics about what is working and what isn’t. Using this information to your advantage, you can create more effective messages for more profitable email marketing campaigns.



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Work On The Subject Line

The subject line of any email will have an influence on how well it performs. Emails are not always read, and if your prospect has a busy mailbox your message may well get overlooked. Some people will join your mailing list and never read your emails, and that is fine, provided this element is built in to calculations on the model. However, a variable percentage will open your emails, and this will depend to a massive extent on the subject line of your message.

Some subject lines beg to be read. “Newsletter March Edition” doesn’t sound too appealing. But “3 Secret Tips For Marketing I Wish I Had Known Sooner” might be sufficient to pique the interest of the casual reader. In a side-by-side campaign, it is probable that the second subject line would deliver a higher number of opens. Getting people to read your messages is the very first step to adding value with your email marketing campaign. It is by no means job done, but testing different subject lines and their impacts can go a long way toward creating a more effective foundation for your campaign.

Think About Your Offers

By the time people click in and start reading your emails, you have already done extremely well with your email marketing campaign. These are people that might never have considered buying from you who are now looking at what you have to say – people who are prepared to give your messages the time of day. This won’t always lead to a sale, but in some cases it will, and this is why it is so effective as a strategy. One of the key factors in determining whether you can achieve the sale is the offer you make to your prospects. Different offers can deliver radically different outcomes, and you want to go for revenue optimization rather than finding the most possible sales.

The only way you can find out about which offers work best is through testing different options. In some markets, it may be surprising to learn that more expensive items can actually sell better. The relationship between an offer and price is an important one, but it is often a mysterious one. Only actually testing different options will allow you to establish with certainty which is the best result.

Give High Quality Content

Many businesses go as far as deploying an email marketing campaign, only to fall short with the actual content of their messages. Sending round a monthly price list might work well in some industries, but you may be forgoing better opportunities for the sake of not developing your content further. Email messages that deliver value for the recipient will work more effectively.

People want to read content that they find useful or interesting, and that is far more likely to be the case if your message relates to their life. Price lists can work, but why not go the extra mile? Share your expertise and industry knowledge – any useful tips you can provide can turn your email from a promo message into something much more valuable.

Focusing on delivering high quality email content can make it easier to see results over time. As part of warming prospects up for a future sale, sending valuable emails can paint your business as the industry experts, or the best people for advice and information on particular issues. This will work much more effectively than straighter messaging, and just a little creative thought can go some way toward making a difference.


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Segment Your Lists

Managing and controlling your mailing list is a discipline all of its own. You need to be smart with your mailing lists in order to maximize their value. That means separating lists by demographics, or by how they accessed your sign-up form. You maybe even want to segment into those who are existing customers and those who are new leads. Segmenting your campaign allows you to drill down into more specifically functional messages. This offers more control over your list, which makes it easier to promote specific campaign angles for better results.

Email marketing, when run correctly, can be a boon for any business. In most cases, it is simply a way to make better use of the traffic resources you already have. As promotional methods go, it is without rival in terms of the targeting options available and the quality of the relationships it can build. The right techniques and strategies are key to succeeding with email marketing, however, and it is easy to misjudge the tone. By working to refine, monitor and develop your strategic approach, it can be possible to see better results from your investment in email marketing strategies of this nature.