Hire Me!

What role are you looking for?

I’m seeking out a role where I can shape the strategy of an organization through an operations, marketing, or revenue focused role. I have multiple talents that I can use, inclusive of:

  • Revenue generation: I can rock your socks off in sales. I am a killer closer, especially in an inbound sales capacity.
  • Marketing: I’ve been a speaker at multiple marketing conferences, have written a book on social media, and have contributed to highly established publications in the search marketing and social media marketing space.
  • RunningĀ customer happiness department. (If you’re old school, we’re talking about customer support or customer service.)
  • Account Management: I can delegate tasks to team members, train them, establish policies and procedures (even with a distributed team), and communicate high level updates with clients.
  • Business Development: I look to build positive relationships with vendors, partners, publishers, buyers — you name it.

My ideal role would be to join an early stage company (or established company) in a leadership role where I can help grow the company, wearing many hats (I don’t mind that at all–I like getting my hands dirty) to help with all aspects of growth until eventually we get big enough and I can manage and train a team who would eventually be assuming those positions as we become more defined. I did that when I started at Mashable as employee #6.

Why should I hire you?

I fell in love with online communities before anyone considered them a thing, and majored in computer science and minored in psychology because I saw the potential for these online interactions to materialize into something greater. Of course, back then, there was nothing remotely close to what I was looking for, but computer science and psychology together seemed to encapsulate what I wanted to do: work with people…and work with computers. In essence, it was the next best thing!

As a student, I found myself in helping people in face to face tech support environments both at Columbia University and Barnard College. Ultimately, post college, I landed myself a nice gig at a search engine marketing firm as their system administrator, managing websites for 400 clients. It was then that this “online interaction” fantasy I’ve been having was materializing into something big: the growth of social media marketing. Our firm was one of the first to see social media as a marketing tool, and I ended up making the gradual shift from tech support to social media marketer. I left that firm, went off to do my own thing, and ended up starting a blog which landed me a book deal with prestigious tech publisher O’Reilly (it was published in 5 languages!). In my book, I profiled a company that would later hire me to be their face of social media.

Through social, and through a keen eye for detail, especially in the competitive space, I grew this company from nothing to a serious force to be reckoned with. It is, by far, the strongest social media brand in its industry. Interestingly enough, there’s only one of me and a lot of questions to field in a nearly real time basis, yet it’s still a great challenge, and one that I want to take to other companies. And that’s just one company. I also helped grow an established media publisher as its first sales hire (employee #6 at this now 100+ employee company), managing everything from business development, legal issues, media partnerships, sales, community management, customer support, and communication, until my role became more defined as a sales rep. I have:

  • run my own social media marketing consultancy – and learned quite honestly that running a company alone is fun, but not for me! I want a solid partnership with someone, helping grow a company successfully with my relationships and experience.
  • built out marketing programs for small business companies to Fortune 100
  • put Namecheap on the map through a keen eye for competitive analysis and strategic approaches
  • established Mashable’s sales operations, sustaining the sales team as its first hire to over 20 upon my departure
  • trained staff members (remotely!) in multiple disciplines across multiple geographies

Where do you want to work?

This is the most interesting question of all. I’m not a 9-5er by any stretch; my work ethic is quite different and not any less dedicated. I’m all about being responsive on a regular basis. That means losing an hour or two to commuting is not an option. My mindset is to solve problems during waking hours. Devoted remote employees will make the company’s success a priority. That’s why I’m here. While I recognize it’s not for everyone, I have done remote employment amazingly well while being a mom of young kids, andĀ I’ve shown dedication that makes it clear to all working with me that while I do love my family (they’re awesome), I am deeply committed and invested in growing companies.

I’ll end with this story: In May 2012, I gave birth to my daughter, 16 minutes before midnight on a Friday night. On Saturday night, from my hospital bed, I closed a 6 figure deal. Mind you, this all happened on Mother’s Day Weekend.

Can I do the same for you?

Finally, one more thing: yeah, you may have seen that I’m “doing a few things” right now. Altogether, I’m exiting one or two, and the remainder take less time than it would take a month’s worth of showers. I’m serious about looking for full time employment where I can put my best foot forward.