Marketing Online Versus Offline - Techipedia | Tamar Weinberg

The way a specific product is marketed in an online and offline environment differs significantly. When marketing, it is important to keep in mind the time and where you’re looking to promote, who you’re looking to target, and what you’re looking to accomplish.

Marketing offline, you’ll need to plan for awhile and then execute immediately. A vistaprint coupon may help you jumpstart this quickly as you are able to save money on the launch of your new business. Online, it’s recommended to start off small and remain focused on a specific point and when you see results improve, expand, optimize, and watch yourself grow. Spend money on SEO and search marketing and beyond that only when you see results improving and are ready to keep growing.

When it comes time to analyze results, if you’re marketing offline, it is recommended to take several weeks or months to sample a group and hear their feedback. While online, almost immediately results can be seen per placement. Online, you’re also able to judge results based on actual usage (i.e.: clicks, impressions, conversions).

Targeting customers is very important when planning a marketing campaign. Offline, it is often difficult to do this. There is usually one big market, but it is possible to segment based on the type of consumer you are looking for. Online it is much, much easier. You are able to think of every single keyword as a way to segment your customer.

Judging customer behavior is also very diverse between these two ways of marketing. Offline, there is no direct link to the reaction of a customer based on your ad. Online, you’re able to watch impressions, clicks, landing page visits, and more, making it easy to understand how engaged customers actually are. Along with this, customization is easier online because you’re able to tailor each segment based on previous performance data. Offline fixed messages can only be altered in different campaigns or brand-new editions of an ad.

Ultimately, in a time where the Internet is the most prevalent source of information, it is much better to market yourself online. When searching for something, more than 82% of people use the Internet over any form of printed material. To get the exposure you want, it is widely recommended to advertise yourself or your business online. Overall, marketing online reaps many more benefits than offline: Cost expenses are low, there is help online 24 hours a day, you can search or sell anytime and anywhere, there are no limitations geographically, no cost of rent because you won’t be stuck paying for a physical store, and there is much more flexibility with copy and images online (you can change them frequently). Offline, benefits include the fact that there is often more trust involved. In addition, offline marketing is more tangible than the latter. While offline marketing is positive when people are looking to speak to someone face to face in order to better understand something they may be confused about, online is excellent because one can compare and contrast the same good or service in one sitting without having to travel to different businesses.