3 Strategies to Increase Sales for Your Small Business - Techipedia | Tamar Weinberg

Small business marketing is hard, especially for business owners who are just getting started. You need to run and market your website, price your products effectively, and so much more. Hardest of all, you need to do everything better than your competitors. In this article, we give you three quick tips to make your job easier.

Offer deals

Many businesses are reluctant to offer discounts to lure customers into their stores. After all, who wants to attract customers that will run away the first time they are charged everyday prices? But the method can be effective when pulled off correctly. Low prices can be a great way to get people into your store for the first time, and give you a chance to show customers the products you sell and the service you offer.


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The trick is to position your deals correctly. If you’re a restaurant, for example, you might want to discount one menu for a limited time, but not everything. People still pay the same for drinks, and they still pay the same if they order off the normal menu. This gives deal-hungry customers a chance to see what you offer, and get a chance to taste your food and experience your customer service. Next time, they’ll come back to eat your food, not to save money.


Develop partnerships

One thing many businesses forget to do is form partnerships with related businesses. If you are a wedding photographer, you could have a partnership with a cake maker. Whenever someone requests the services of the cake maker, you could get them to recommend your services for photography.


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There are basically two ways to approach this problem: pay the cake maker a commission, or mutually refer work to each other. Both methods can be just as effective, so it really comes down to what works best for you and the other business. Keep in mind, recommendations are much more powerful when the person recommending your service genuinely knows you provide a good service. Find a way of showing them the value you create.


Get online marketing expertise

Small businesses are known to have ineffective marketing programs, but it doesn’t have to be that way. From looking at these Yodle Videos, you will see that many companies are seeing a lot of success by outsourcing the whole process to a company with the right expertise. Small businesses rarely have the budget to be able to hire an in-house marketer, so outsourcing can often be a much more appealing option.


Another thing you can do is to begin learning about online marketing yourself, or to assign this task to one of your employees. You could begin going to events like Search Marketing Expo and Online Marketing Summit. You could start to follow blogs like SEOmoz and KISSmetrics. And you could begin learning to code through websites like Codecademy, which will give you the skills you need to design and implement online marketing strategies.