Video 2.0: Share Your World

Everything seems to be video-ready nowadays. The world as we know it is changing rapidly.

First, it was blogging in motion which first place out of 54 teams in Yahoo!’s Hack Day. The concept was a purse equipped with a camera phone that would upload pictures to Flickr based on the number of steps you’d take (yes, it is equipped with a pedometer as well).

Then, Google bought YouTube in a tremendous 1.65 billion dollar investment, indicating that video is the beginning of a new era in social marketing.

Yahoo! jumped in the game and opened submissions for a time capsule, allowing users to submit writings, artwork, photos, and videos.

And now, Pure Digital is jumping on the game by allowing users to upload their video to Google at the push of a button. Even more video sharing is imminent.

Sounds like video networkingis the new phenomenon? You’re probably right. And with API access to Flickr and YouTube, a programmer can easily get on the bandwagon before the market grows with other competing startups.

The blogosphere is big enough for people who can share their writings, but also to share familiar sights and sounds. Social marketing is taking a turn into the multimedia realm, and it’s going at full-speed.

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