The Best Marriage Proposal Ever

Engagement RingBy now most people know the identity of JP, the mystery man behind JP is, in actuality, Rand Fishkin of, a blog that I happen to read religiously. Since most of the blogs I read about are not romantic in nature, the post that initially grabbed my attention kept a hook on me due to the sheer uniqueness of the idea: a very bold guy (who is obviously madly in love with some very special girl) was looking for help, donations, and hype in trying to air his marriage proposal on one of the highly coveted commercial spots during the Super Bowl (and therefore, in front of the largest audience on American television).

I followed the story and Joe’s (the marketing man behind the plan) reports intently. I watched the various times that JP was interviewed on primetime television, with his voice digitally altered so as not to break the secret early. I read the blog posts and heard about the reactions from women nationwide who were hoping that their boyfriends was actually JP. When the SuperBowl came, I was sitting with tremendous built-up excitement (even though I’m already married) and I stared at the TV with my husband and friend who just so happened to be watching with us. Every time a commercial aired, I told the two guys to shush. They weren’t going to interrupt this moment I’d been waiting for.

But, sadly, it didn’t air on the Super Bowl, and I was disappointed in CBS’s decision to not follow through with it. Still, the backup plan — a commercial spot on Veronica Mars, her favorite television show — was just totally amazing and I’m so emotionally ecstatic … and it was bigger news to know that one of my all-time favorite bloggers was the secret guy behind the whole thing.

Given the talk and publicity this got over the past few months, I’m really surprised that Rand held it together and that it never spilled. I don’t think I could ever do it.

Here’s the commercial I had been waiting for.

Her reaction is absolutely priceless:

There’s more coverage and follow-up here and a cute little photo montage here.

Congratulations Rand and Geraldine!