Blog Policy is a social media strategy blog written by Tamar Weinberg. In the posts I spend hours writing, I share my personal experiences with my specific social media marketing initiatives in the most general terms. There are specific implications, but naturally, to appeal to a wide audience, I need to be as general as possible. Hopefully there are takeaways that you can actually apply to your business.

Guest Writers

Occasionally, there are guest writers. Opinions expressed in guest writer articles are those of the guest author and not necessarily Techipedia/Tamar Weinberg.

I accept guest writer pitches. Posts should be about 1500 words at the minimum and should not be republished anywhere. Please send me your ideas to see if there is an editorial synergy for the Techipedia readership.


Should you elect to comment, you are asked to give your real name. This is a community and I’d like to call you by your name, not by an alias or business. I’d appreciate it if you don’t try to leverage my blog to boost your SEO rankings, because if you do, I will edit out your name and URL.

I also would appreciate that you do not throw links in your comments that are not relevant to the blog post itself. Use the link of your choice in the URL field, but a blog comment is not an email signature.

Furthermore, please refrain from using shortened URLs, like I use TinyURL Decoder, a brilliant little Greasemonkey script, and based on a tweak I applied to the script, it expands shortened URLs across every single web page I come across. Let me put it this way: it doesn’t look nice.


Becomes this:

Shortened URLs are also kind of misleading to readers. They don’t know what they’re clicking. We love stats, but let’s remember that just a few years ago, shortened URLs were not the currency of the web.

All this Value… for Free!

I’ll be frank: I spend hours (20+) working on blog posts. Yes, that’s a single blog post, and it takes me hours. Maybe it’s because I’m my biggest critic. I don’t really know.

You’re welcome to give constructive criticism if you don’t like what I’ve written here. I’m happy to engage in intelligent dialogue where we might both be able to learn something new from each other. And if not, I’m still happy to engage in intelligent discourse. 🙂

What I don’t like, though, is a demand for more and the complaints that I’m not giving enough value. Given the investment of time on this blog for free (yes, I do not get paid and do not sell advertising on this site), I think I am entitled to follow up and request that you be a little more sensitive to what I’ve given here already. You are not obligated to read, but hopefully you do appreciate my efforts.

And if you don’t, well, please move along silently. We’re all still human, despite this being the virtual space — hopefully you didn’t forget that. Anonymous attacks have no place on Techipedia, to me directly or to anyone else.

Thank you.