SES NY Wrap-Up

It was a great week with lots of great photo opportunities. The photos surely left an impression on Kim, who liked them so much that the links to the my photos are sprinkled throughout her blog post (thanks Kim!)

Thank you all for a wonderful time!

Rae Hoffman, Lisa Barone, moi, Joe Whyte, Rebecca Kelley, Chris Hooley, Brett Tabke, Jane Copland:


Rand Fishkin and Danny Sullivan:

Rand Fishkin and Danny Sullivan - SES NY 07

Search Engine Roundtable Bloggers: Barry Schwartz, Lisa Barone, Kim Krause Berg, moi again, and Chris Boggs. Bloggers - SES NY 2007

Me and Shoemoney:


DaveN, Oilman, Dax, and me:

David Naylor, Todd Freisen, Dax Herrera, Tamar Weinberg - SES NY 2007

Brett Tabke, Chris Sherman, and Michael Gray:

Brett Tabke, Chris Sherman, and Michael Gray - SES NY 07

Cshel and me:

Cshel and Tamar Weinberg - SES NY 2007

More photos over here.

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