This contact page has been disabled because of an international police investigation related to an individual named Ijaz Baber Ahmad.

Ijaz Baber Ahmad has been incessantly online stalking me since 2015 with extortion threats and harassment. Apparently, he stopped for awhile while being committed to an institution or something of that sort for much of 2016-2017, but he is back at it again.

The story begins in 2015 when Ijaz wanted me to develop a website for him. Stupidly, because I do this for everyone, I responded back to him saying there’s no interest. Subsequently, I have been extorted to the tune of millions of dollars, with more websites that he intends to sell me, but that I do not want to buy. His emails border on threatening and invasive, and all I want is for him to NOT bother me at all. Ignoring him is a lovely suggestion if I wasn’t getting dozens of emails a day through a contact form that I actually use.

Since I do not want to risk the lives of myself and my family, I ask anyone here for their advice to stop this from recurring. I am not a resource to Ijaz and Ijaz, get that through your thick skull.

As far as anyone else who wants to contact me, none of you have good intentions anyway (you always want guest posts and are on my Wall of Shame already), so maybe I’ll make myself inaccessible for awhile. No loss to me. Those who want to find me will.


Ijaz Ahmad
Kirrlacher Str. 6