Google acquires JotSpot, Wired/Conde Nast acquires Reddit

Google acquired JotSpot and Conde Nast acquired Reddit. We are in a society where everyone wants to be acquired -- except maybe Facebook.

In the world of acquisitions, it ain’t over. Today, Google acquired Jotspot and Wired Digital acquired Reddit.

I’ve never used Jotspot, but Reddit has been a pretty useful tool.

It’s interesting to note this after reading Inside Facebook, a 46 page book that was available briefly to TechCrunch readers in its entirety last week (it now costs $12). Karel Baloun, the author, noted within the book that Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, hasn’t had the desire to be acquired. On the other hand, Steve of YouTube was waiting for it.

It makes me wonder how many companies are out there with the intention to build a functional site with significant membership base with the goal that they will be bought out by a bigger and better company. After all, the bigger arm of these companies provides greater security with added benefits.

I wouldn’t complain if my product (whatever that may be) was bought out by the leaders of the industry, that’s for sure.

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