Stumbles for the Week of March 25, 2007

StumbleUponAnother week, another bunch of stumbles:

  • Google Image Ripper: Nice little site that bypasses the Google Images interface and takes you directly to the large-sized images.
  • Instant Eyedropper: I was looking for a plugin on Twitter which could provide me with the hex code of any color on a web page. I’m still looking for the specific plugin that would do exactly this, but shortly after I asked, I stumbled upon this application which does the same thing — just not in plugin format.
  • Body-Mass Index, Waist to Height Ratio, and More: I found this calculator helpful and timely, especially since I just wrote about my fatblogging experience.
  • Before and After Magazine: How to Design Cool Stuff: A simple yet elegant website with some amazingly useful tutorials on design.
  • Top 12 Weird Japanese Inventions: I’ve seen some of this before, but it’s still just silly.
  • Fractal Gallery: Wow, this gallery features some beautiful and colorful art.
  • Did you know that Gamophobia is the fear of marriage? Well, today I found that out. I celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary on Tuesday, so I don’t think I’m afraid of such a commitment. In any event, here’s a dictionary of all fears.
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  1. Bob, that’s awesome. That’s exactly what I was looking for! Yes, I am a FF user (the twitter Tweet asked for any Firefox plugins), so this is great! Thanks!

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