More Great Internet Marketing Posts for 2007

SEMMYS LogoThought you had enough of the greatest Internet Marketing posts of 2007? Well, unfortunately, your reading list has just lengthened. Matt McGee over at Small Business SEM has compiled his own list of the “best posts of 2007” in a site with a brilliantly and cleverly chosen title, the SEMMYS (Search Marketing Emmys). In addition to a bit over overlap from my previous post, Matt covers other categories pertinent to search marketing, including local search, search technology (e.g. robots.txt, IP questions for hosting, etc.), small business, analytics (he dedicates a whole section to this one!), rants, and funny posts about the search marketing industry in general.

I’m pleased to announce that I will be judging the category on Blogs and Blogging along with Michael Gray. Since I love blogs about blogging (really, I do!), this is the perfect match. (Thanks, Matt!)

I’m also pleasantly surprised to see that seven blog posts of mine on three blogs have somehow been nominated in six different categories. Here they are, in no particular order:

So while you’re reading these posts, I’d love to hear your feedback on your favorites, and I’d also like to thank Matt for arranging these awesome awards and for web developer David Mihm (the man behind the sleek SEMMYS web design) for creating such an appealing site. Seriously, it rocks.

It will be an exciting next few weeks while we — and then you — choose the best posts of the year.


  • Harini says:

    I feel, i missed this site for a long time..

    thank god found it atleast now…

    – Harini

  • PPC Agency says:

    I’ve only just found the other list. Now I have to look through these ones too. Thatnks for posting.

  • Ruthrbns says:

    Very interesting blog ! I got more information from this post, its briefly defined the internet marketing concepts and post of internet marketing 2007. Good job

  • Kelsey says:

    Great links! I had never heard of the SEMMYs before. It might be good to know about, especially since I run a SEM/SMM blog…

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