Announcing the Newest Social Media Prince

Many of you have asked where I’ve been over the past few months.   I recently wrapped up writing a book on social media marketing for individuals to large businesses entitled The New Community Rules (Amazon link) and the book is slated for a late June/early July release.

But in even bigger news, two weeks ago today, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Announcing… David Jacob Weinberg!

Little David (who is named after my beloved Grandpa David) has been a bundle of joy so far (and a handful as well, but when are newborns not?!).

Thank you to all my internet friends for your outpouring of support (especially in light of the tweet I sent less than an hour after my son was born); I did so while the doctor was yelling at me NOT to use the phone … but who am I to listen when I was so excited to share such news? And in case you are wondering, my good friend Sam has set up a gift drive, a totally unexpected but appreciated gesture. Thanks Sam — and thanks to those who have contributed!

Hopefully we’ll see little David on social media sites in the upcoming months. :)

Tamar Weinberg is a hustler and juggler. She is the VP of Marketing at Ruxly Creative, a creative marketing agency. She's the Director of Sales at Internet Marketing Ninjas, a 100+ employee search engine marketing agency located in upstate New York. She also rocks global sales at financial media publication Wall St. Cheat Sheet. Finally, she is the Chief Strategy Officer of Small Business Trends. Oh wait, and she's also the community manager at Namecheap. Yeah, like a boss.


  • June 3, 2009

    Matt McGee

    What a marvelous picture! David Jacob … love the name. And congrats on the book, too. Very happy for you, T. Great to see good things happening to good people.

  • June 3, 2009



  • June 3, 2009

    Jonathan Volk

    CONGRATS! :)

    That’s awesome.

  • June 3, 2009

    shana albert

    Congrats, Tamar…. he is gorgeous!!!

  • June 3, 2009

    Michael D

    Beautiful photo Tamar, congratulations!

  • June 3, 2009

    Eric Ward

    That’s great news! Congratulations Tamar.

  • June 3, 2009

    Damian Finlay

    Congrats again Tamar, and all the best with the new book. This is an awesome year for you!

  • June 3, 2009

    Andrea Schultz

    Congratulations!! He’ll be on the web faster than you can blink. My little guy just turned 6 months and it seems like it was just yesterday when we came home.

  • June 3, 2009


    Mazal Tov, mom! He’s beautiful. Wow, a baby and a book. You’ve had a busy year. I look forward to getting a copy.

  • June 3, 2009

    Chris Brogan...

    I am so pleased. Congrats and you both you look lovely. It’s never an easy gig, but I hope you have a delightful time of it where you can.

    Everyone’s advice is suspect. Just do what feels right. Don’t let yourself suffer too long (should suffering happen).

    You’re good people.

  • June 4, 2009

    Katherine Druckman

    He is wonderful!

    Congratulations! I look forward to reading his blog. ;)

  • June 4, 2009

    Dror Zaifman

    Shalom Tamar

    Mazal Tov. David looks like such a mench already ;)
    Don’t worry about all the mishegass going on. It’s only until you get used to the routine. There is nothing better then the having your baby in your arms as we can tell by the smile in the picture.
    The name you choose for your son is also very nice. Just read the post on your grandfather and I can see why you choose such a nice name to honor such a great man.
    All the best to you and your family.
    Enjoy every minute :)

  • June 4, 2009


    Mazal tov again Tamar and Brian! and welcome David Jacob! Hope to meet you all again soon, and finally you’ll be able to come with me to the best places in T.A Tamar! ;)

  • June 4, 2009

    Sophie Wegat

    Congratulations on the safe arrival of David Tamar. My little guy (Atticus John) is now 8 months old – I don’t know where the time went!

  • June 4, 2009


    Real cool!! Here comes geek of the future…
    Tamar, congrats again. I can very well imagine you teaching him the alphabets as:-
    a for alltop
    b for basecamp
    c for clipmarks
    d for digg
    e for ego surfing
    f for flickr
    and so on… :)

  • June 4, 2009

    Scott Ludwig


  • June 4, 2009

    Steven Bradley

    Congratulations Tamar and Happy Birthday David!

  • June 4, 2009


    Once again, congratulations. This is one of my favorite pics of you and David.

  • June 4, 2009


    Once again, congratulations. This is one of my favorite pics of you and David

  • June 7, 2009

    Nicole SImon

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch for the little one and you. Happy to hear everything is fine and healthy. :)) Enjoy!

  • June 8, 2009

    Ann Smarty

    Huge congrats from a new SEO mom to a new social media mom! You are going to have the most exciting time of your life!

  • June 8, 2009


    Congrats, and welcome to the (online) world David!

  • June 8, 2009

    Anya Clowers, RN

    He is beautiful! I’d be happy to send you a copy of my book if you plan on traveling with him (decreases stress and prevents nightmares!) :).
    Enjoy each stage- they change SO fast. Congratulations and Welcome David…

  • June 9, 2009

    Or Hillel

    Congratulations Tamar!

  • June 9, 2009

    Bryan Alexander

    Congratulations! What a sweet photo.

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  • June 10, 2009


    Tamar congratulations. Was wondering where you were? Now I know.

    I also have a 4 month old daughter and she’s just a bundle of joy. Enjoy yours, David looks so adorable.

  • June 13, 2009

    Gloria Justice

    What a beautiful baby! Enjoy! -Gloria Justice

  • June 14, 2009


    your baby is very cute

  • June 16, 2009


    I’m late but …. CONGRATS!!!!

    Looks like a very cute kid.

    Go Mommy Tamar!!!

  • June 16, 2009


    Congrats! That’s a cool jumper : )

  • June 16, 2009

    Mani Karthik

    Congratulations to both of you, wish him all the best. Be well and enjoy the good times, from exp, I can tell you that these are the most memorable times of your life !

    Cheers !

    Mani Karthik

  • June 18, 2009


    Congrats, Tamar, he is Lucky Guy and your son Looks like a really very sweet.

    Congratulations! once again.


  • June 22, 2009

    Glen Allsopp

    Congratulations Tamar, I promise never to forget his birthday.

    Thanks to you and all of your support over the years as well. It is much appreciated!

    - Glen x

  • June 23, 2009

    Web 2.0 Marketing

    Sorry, I am late. Congrats Tamar and heartiest welcome to Prince David to the online world.

  • June 27, 2009

    Brian Carter

    lol very cute, congratulations Tamar!


  • June 29, 2009


    Congrats! He looks tired from twittering.

  • July 5, 2009

    Giovanni Farotto


  • July 7, 2009


    Weighing in late here… Congratulations!

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  • June 4, 2010

    Anna Savoy

    Congrats Tamar. Your baby is beautiful, a Gerber baby even.

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