And a New Era is About to Begin

I’m sure a few people have been watching me blog (with extreme gusto lately) and have wondered where the old me has gone. In case you’re not reading the other blogs, I’m moving on from a place that has been very close to my heart, and I’ll soon be doing some serious sidekicking. As I’m transitioning into a new role, from that of a systems administrator to that of a blogger (and then some), I’ve seen the need to be a little more open, and I’m having a lot more fun with this blog. It is a little more diverse than I initially intended it to be, which I’m actually really excited about.

Those of you who may have been reading me from the beginning know that I’ve been aching to find a real comfortable blogging position. As I look back on why, I felt challenged as a newcomer in the blogosphere, during a time when people were still getting to know me. (I know you guys still are.) I found it initially difficult volunteering too much information — or having a little fun — because I felt that it was important to tread carefully in brand new waters where everyone may be watching. I really don’t want my bikini top to fall off when “nobody” is looking! (Wardrobe malfunction, anyone?) However, as I moved at my own pace, I have grown complacent with my behavior. I lost a friend in the process. I also took harsh criticism and learned from it. These experiences have all contributed to making me move into my “comfort zone,” and I’m consequently more open lately about myself. I think I’m in a good place. A lot of that has come from really emerging in other mediums professionally. But this is my personal blog, where I publish my musings, my thoughts, and my tricks and tips. Here is where I let my hair down.

What will change, then?

I don’t think there’s much that will really change. I will continue blogging about what interests me — social media, Internet Marketing, personal development, thoughts on business. I recently wrote my first “totally random” post, and that was initially frightening but turned out to be pretty fun. After last night, you know even more about me. (Is it too much yet?)

What have I learned from this?

A community is a blogger’s biggest asset. Blogging without participating in communities around you would be impractical for your own growth and visibility. To get noticed, show people you notice them too. Link out to bloggers you admire. Show people what interests you. Over time, they should come around and hopefully show a similar interest in you too.

My new RustyBrick and Search Engine Roundtable role begins on Monday, and I truly look forward to taking upon even greater blogging responsibilities. I know that my growth could not have been done if not for where I started, so I truly appreciate that opportunity.

I hope that my blossoming on techipedia will bring new faces and contributions. I would also love to know how you’re enjoying the new techipedia, or if you think that this blog would be better suited within the realms of my blog description. Do you find the wild and crazy side of me intriguing, or are you reading for a specific purpose? What has brought you here today, and what are you looking for?

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  1. says: Lisa Barone

    I certainly hope you know that you didn’t really lose a friend! I’m very happy for both you and Barry. Jealous? Yes, but still happy for you. 🙂 Good luck on your new venture! You know I’m rooting for you.

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