Craigslist Founder Refuses to Sell

Craig doesn't want to sell Craigslist, and it still continues to be an extremely desirable platform for buying, selling, and more.

Today, the founder of the famous craigslist website, an almost entirely free classifieds and social networking site, announced that he has no desire to sell his site. This came shortly after MySpace was estimated to have a value of $15 billion by a Wall Street analyst.

Craig Newmark, the brains behind Craigslist, was quoted as saying:

Who needs the money? We don’t really care.

Craigslist has been hugely popular among enthusiasts because it is easy to post and no signup is required (but is optional; I admit that I have an account). Furthermore, the postings are very clean and contain no ads. If you seek the something, you can search and hundreds of results will come up. The cloaking of your email address for your protection (if you opt-in) is also very desirable for those who hope to maintain their anonymity.

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