Successful Verbal Link Bait from the Mouth of Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis said that SEO is BS, because his "verbal link bait" was enough to get his name out there -- and that he did.

Jason CalacanisSEOs worldwide were shocked by the Search Engine Strategies Chicago Keynote of earlier today given by Jason Calacanis, who said “SEO is BS, if you generate a web page with good content Google will rank the page properly.”

Despite the fact that many SEOs did get offended, I’m beginning to wonder if Calacanis had other intentions by making that statement. Really, the content of his speech was worth “linking to” and discussing. His name is getting out there. He essentially is “attacking link attention with controversy” (thanks, Rand) and giving himself a lot of publicity as a result. I think Graywolf is really proving the point.

If you have “good content” or something that’s worth talking about, people will refer to you. People will talk about you. That’s how you build reputation. On the Internet, that may very well be called SEO. And I bet that Calacanis cleverly orchestrated his speech with this exact intention.

I wonder how many searches in Google/blogsearch will yield an exact result for Calacanis’s quote. I bet there are quite a few thus far.

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