The History of Techipedia … and What You Should Know

The domain name was recently for auction, but I've decided to develop content for the site rather than sell it.

I write on this new blog with high aspirations. is a domain I’ve had for about a year. When I registered it, it was great to see that it was available on all three primary fronts (.com, .net, and .org). I registered all of them with the intentions of making it a tutorial and knowledge base site. While I never had time to quite develop that functionality, it is very likely going to be part of the site in the future… if the domain doesn’t sell (it’s up for auction with about 2 days remaining).

A lot of people have been asking me why my domains are up for auction at what appears to be a costly price. To be perfectly honest, I asked a few people who gave me ballpark numbers near $10k for the package deal due its to uniqueness. The auction price is much lower than that. I guess that the name itself does indeed have potential. However, there is no interest in the domain name as of the present time because there is nothing on the domain… which probably means that with no content, there’s no reason to be selling a domain.

I pondered this revelation a great deal before I decided that perhaps it would be a good idea to develop content. Even more so, I won’t be selling this domain (if it doesn’t go in the next 2 days). For me, this will be a lesson, something I am taking from my research at work on search engine optimization and how it affects the social world around me of techie-geeks (myself included).

As I said, I have high aspirations for this site. I will focus on blogging something on a hopefully daily (or even more frequent) basis, whether it be something I learned in the world of technology, search engine marketing, or something else in the wonderful world of the Internet that is equally as exciting. I hope you enjoy the journey.

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  1. says: aaron wall

    When hunting for a site name I liked for a site I will soon launch I got quoted $5,000 today for a domain that was a non word. but the guy was too dumb to buy the .org … so I let him keep is overpriced .com and snagged the .org

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