Google Personalized Search … Buggy? (Or is that a Feature?)

Okay, this is a rant that I’m going to get out while I have a chance. I’m logged onto my Google account and I’m looking for some images. One image caught my eye. When I moused over the image, I realized it was related to an article I wanted to follow up on. I accidentally closed out of the page with the results so I had to do the search (for the same criteria) once again. The results were different; the image I was looking for was gone.

I noticed this earlier this week as well. It was the same game — Google image results appear to vary. The extremely frustrating thing is that I actually clicked on the images, but in subsequent searches, Google did not opt to provide me with this content. Is Google trying to assume that because I visited that site, it is no longer pertinent to me, so it won’t serve me with the images that I am actually looking for?

So far, Google Personalized Search sucks. I urge you not to use it.

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