Best Internet Marketing Blog Posts of 2007

BlogLast year, I ended 2006 with a great (and still pertinent) list of blog posts and articles that I felt were really the best in their class in the area of Internet Marketing. This year, I present you my favorite timeless posts of 2007, complete with descriptions about each blog post (which more than quadrupled the workload for me this time around, especially because I tripled the amount of links, but I had fun!) 🙂 (Disclaimer: I’m certain that even with this list in excess of 250 links, I forgot a bunch of posts, so if you have any additional recommendations, please feel free to comment and I’ll add them!)

By the way, I still haven’t fully embraced video yet, so this will only include written articles. Maybe next year, folks!

Social Media Sites: General







  • Newbies Guide to Twitter (Chris Brogan): Haven’t used Twitter yet? Maybe you should get started, but if you’re inundated with all the hype about Twitter, sit down, relax, and read this beginner’s guide.
  • The Big Juicy Twitter Guide (Caroline Middlebrook): Want more Twitter goodness? Caroline has a 7-part series on how Twitter has worked as a successful networking and productivity tool.


  • Become a Power User (Web Worker Daily): Not many people talk about using for its social media potential, but it’s a good tool for social bookmarking and should be utilized.


Traffic SpikeSocial Media and Social Media Marketing

General Internet Marketing

Viral Strategies

LinksLink Resources

Blogging: General

Blogging: Inspiration

Blogging: Promotion

Content Generation

Reputation Management

Video CameraVideo Articles


Search Engine Optimization

  • Why the SEO Folks are Mad at You, Jason (Search Engine Land): Danny defends SEO — again.
  • Search Ranking Factors v2 (SEOmoz): Rand Fishkin asked a bunch of experts about what determines search rankings and published the new findings in April.
  • The Bloggers Guide to SEO (SEOBook): Aaron and Giovanna have created a great in-depth guide on how bloggers can ensure that their posts are ranked well within the search engine results. Unlike their eBook (aff) which is worth every penny, the guide is free.
  • How to SEO Your Site in Less than 60 Minutes (Small Business SEM): Matt McGee acknowledges that you need to take more than 60 minutes to SEO your site effectively, but if you were really in such a time crunch, you might as well use his guide as a starting point.
  • Example of SEO Strategy Document (Shimon Sandler): What should you present your clients when you’re offering services in SEO? Shimon literally gave away his trade secret with this one.
  • The SEO Playbook (Stuntdubl): Todd calls this “the advanced beginner’s guide” and goes through the techniques that get you top rankings. He also includes a whole lot of additional links for reference which makes this blog post extremely comprehensive.
  • Search Engine Optimization Warfare (Stuntdubl): Todd calls this post “the competitive webmaster’s guide to understanding the dynamics of top rankings.” I’ll leave you to read the rest.
  • Top SEO Tips (SEO Refugee Forums): GaryTheScubaGuy lists his 12 most important SEO factors.
  • What Makes SEO and SEM So Damn Hard (SEOmoz): Marketers face a lot of obstacles in the SEO and SEM sphere and it’s a difficult task. What are the challenges? Rand explains all.
  • The Lowdown on Press Release Optimization (Top Rank Blog): Lee Odden knows a lot more about press releases than I do, and he talks about what you can to do optimize those PRs.
  • Ultimate Local Search Optimization Resources (Web Analytics World): Manoj Jasra aggregates a bunch of websites and provides resources which should help anyone in the area of local optimization.
  • But is it Spam? (SEOBook): Aaron shows through examples that we should come up with the correct search marketing strategy.
  • WordPress SEO Masterclass for Competitive Niches (Andy Beard): Is your blog niche competitive enough that you feel that you can’t rank for these terms? Take apart your WordPress theme and make it search-friendly. Awesome.
  • A Complete Glossary of Essential SEO Jargon (SEOmoz): For newcomers in the SEO sphere, there are a ton of acronyms and terms that you should get acquainted with.
  • 21 Essential SEO Tips & Techniques (Search Engine Land): Matt McGee explains that these are the things you should do whether you’re hiring an SEO firm or doing SEO yourself.
  • Keyword Inspiration: Aaron Wall Shares His Secrets (WordTracker Blog): Where does Aaron Wall get his ideas for the ideal keywords? Now you know!
  • SEO Expert Quiz (SEOmoz): Are you an SEO expert? Launched earlier this year, the SEOmoz quiz will let you know how literate you are in the world of SEO.
  • Why the PageRank Toolbar is Killing the SEO Industry (Search Engine Roundtable): Barry Schwartz argues that if PageRank were removed, then the whole landscape of SEO would change.
  • 7 Steps to Get Your New Site Indexed in 24 Hours (Solo SEO): From my experience, it was all about WordPress, but Michael Jensen gives more realistic steps in the absence of the blogging platform.
  • 55 SEO Interview Questions (All Things SEM): Marios Alexandrou has been interviewing for quite some time. What questions does he ask during the interview process and what should you also ask?

Search Engine Stuff

Web Development

Search Marketing Tools

Money ClipPaid Search

Recommended Books

Affiliate Sites: My disclaimer here is that I’m not at all too familiar with this area, but I think these articles will certainly get me started when I make the time!

Domaining: Another disclaimer – I’m also not really involved in the domainer’s sphere yet, but these are really good reads.


And finally, Techipedia’s Best Posts for 2007 (that aren’t rants)

Lastly, one real final milestone for me: my first mention in Forbes!

This reading should set you back 12 months… until 2009. But don’t only read these articles, because you’ll still need to catch up on the latest and greatest in Internet Marketing developments over the course of ’08 — unless you just want to come here next December. 😉


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