Outstanding Meme Obligations

Ah, right. Despite my little blurb on Search Engine Roundtable about the overrated nature of memes, I still got tagged. That leaves three memes that I haven’t answered, and I feel that I have to do my duty. Don’t get upset if these answers don’t impress you; I don’t think they’re that insightful. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m going to go in chronological order, from the first meme that I got tagged in and didn’t answer.

What magazines do I read offline?

Barry tagged me in the over-a-monthlong-old meme asking me what magazines I read offline. I somewhat answered that one on Twitter, but it’s fairly obvious from recent blog posts that I read PEOPLE magazine on a weekly basis. Given that I still have a ton of book-reading to catch up on (yes, still), I don’t read much else on a regular basis, but depending on where you find me, I might be reading Popular Photography, Newsweek, Time, Money, or any other magazine I have in my magazine stand from several months or years ago. I really have lost track of my to-do reading pile, but there’s a lot I have to catch up on. Without even volunteering names of my magazines, earlier, I was ready to give Vanessa’s answer, where she so eloquently said what I wanted to say:

Which leads me to the other reason I don’t read magazines. I barely have time to read at all.

After this two-day holiday, I have nearly 2000+ feeds to sift through and I still have writing obligations. Additionally, I still have a pile of books that I’m supposed to be reading. Right. How am I supposed to read blogs, magazines, and books — and stay current? Yes, Vanessa, you spoke for me again:

But for the most part, I have transformed from being a magazine reader to a blog reader.

I’m not ready to kill magazines just yet. My July 4th, 2005 photograph of the NYC fireworks will be in the UK’s Digital Photographer Magazine Issue 58. I’m pumped.


Last week, I got tagged by Skitzzo in the charity link meme. This is a tough one. My husband and I give to numerous select Jewish organizations. There’s a religious obligation to do so. I’m going to point to Barry’s blog post about this one since he says it better than I can.

In addition to the Jewish organizations, I followed the American Idol season this year, and I was particularly moved by the Idol Gives Back episode, so they were included in my charities this year, as was the Red Cross.

Google Search Activity

The answers are getting less specific by the minute. Cshel tagged me today in this Google Trends Search Activity meme, where she was tagged by Barry who knows that I’m paranoid and I don’t have Google search activity turned on. Yeah, well, there goes that. At least I answered the call. ๐Ÿ™‚

Still, web history looks pretty darn cool, but I like a little bit of privacy. I’m not ready to go all out and stick my entire life on the Internet either. My blogs are as public as I’ll get, I think.

There. Now I’m all caught up. ๐Ÿ™‚

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