Stumbles for the Week of March 18, 2007

As always, another great week of stumbles. Here are some of the precious gems that caught my eye this week.

  • Interactive Photo Mosaic: I’ve always had a soft spot for the creativity of photo mosaics. This one is brilliant. It kept me busy and engaged for a pretty long time.
  • Photoshop Tutorial: Web 2.0 Buttons: Just about everything Web 2.0 can be done by yourself. Here’s how you can create “Web 2.0 style” buttons using Photoshop CS2.
  • Mac Products Buying Guide: I’m not a Mac user in the slightest (I sold my iBook awhile ago on eBay), but for whatever reason, StumbleUpon serves me a ridiculous amount of Mac pages, probably because I am always thumbsupping the Mac sites. This one happens to be rather cool. It tells you how long Apple typically goes before releasing a brand new product “update,” advising buyers to either wait until a new release is about to come out or to buy now since the product has just been updated. For example, for the iPod Shuffle, which has just been updated (2nd generation), it says “Buy now, product just updated,” but for the full-sized iPod, it says “Buy it only if you need it – approaching the end of a cycle.”
  • The Adaption to my Generation: I’m sure many social Creative Commons photographers have heard of “Project 365” where photographers take a photo a day of anything. This is a bit like that, only with mugshots of a guy known as JK taken over an 8 year span. Pretty neat idea. Personally, I prefer his short-haired and clean-shaven look. What do you think?
  • Dark Project Studios Wallpapers: Some amazing artwork is featured here. Unfortunately, I don’t think there are large-sized wallpapers available for download here.
  • Long Bets [On the Record: Predictions]: Interesting site where people voice predictions for the future. Example: “By 2060 the total population of humans on earth will be less than it is today.”
  • Default Router Passwords: Lost the password to your router? Check this site — it contains a database of the most commonly used default passwords for hundreds of different router makes and versions.
  • Life before the computer: I’m betting that I had seen this in the 90s when I read the content from a bunch of joke sites, but nevertheless, it’s so true. “An application was for employment /A program was a TV show /A cursor used profanity / A keyboard was a piano!”
  • WebSketch: Bringing MS Paint to your web browser, with playback of the work you’ve done.
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