Twitterdiction: Why is Twitter down?!

First, it looked like it was set up to DDOS itself. Going to consistently just refreshed the page. (Now why would you set up your site to do that?)

Now, it is apparently just down (and I actually have a craving for it to come back up… Twitterdiction, anyone?).

Their front page says: “Twitter: down for maintenance—be back shortly!”

Interestingly enough, I’ve been using it more often and finding what I prefer more. At first, I followed the BBC, the NYTimes, CNN, and Google News, but I realized that these “bots” are more noise (!) than signal for me. Twitter, to me, is a social tool, not a news aggregator. If I want news, I’ll get them from my RSS feeds.

For those of you who use Twitter, do you feel the same way? I suppose quite a few people don’t, given that Twitterholic indicates that BBC News as the 10th popular Twitter “member.”