With 4 Days Before Blogger Social, I Bring You the 4×4 Meme

As I was traveling on my last of three conferences, Chris Kieff tagged me on the 4×4 meme that’s going around. The idea of this meme is somewhat like previous memes, but it’s four times full of fun. You’re given four questions and you need to provide four answers. Then, you need to top it off by tagging four people. Here goes…

4 Things I Have Done in the Past 4 Years

Clearly, the past four years have been the most enjoyable years of my life. Here’s why:

  1. Just over three years ago, I got married to a wonderful guy named Brian.
  2. I’ve traveled more than ever before. Brian and I celebrated our honeymoon in London. I went to the West Coast for the first time to attend search engine conferences, with trips to Seattle, San Jose (twice!), and Las Vegas.
  3. I started writing for some of my favorite blogs in the industries and topics I’m most passionate about.
  4. I started a blog about my schwag addiction (okay, this was just a fun tidbit I couldn’t pass up!)

4 Jobs I’ve Had

  1. Right after college, I worked for a few months in tech support at a forex company in the Empire State Building. I remember working there on Thanksgiving Day and having a super awesome view of the Macy’s Day Parade.
  2. I then worked for several months prior to my marriage as a private investigator. It wasn’t the kind of job that requires spying on cheating husbands, though. As a PI, I researched trademarks and products that may have had conflicting names with existing trademarks and I reported on the findings. It was actually a very interesting line of work.
  3. In college, I worked as a student network technician and a Unix systems administrator. I still find IT interesting, but I’m much happier doing what I do now.
  4. What is it, then, that I do now? You could call me a blogger of many hats or a social media maven or Internet marketing consultant. I really don’t know, and that’s what makes what I do so exciting. The answer changes everyday!

4 Websites I Visit Daily

  1. My first stop every day (and numerous other periods during the day) is my email, which is hosted on Gmail or Google Apps.
  2. I consume my news via Bloglines.
  3. I dabble in social media sites, particularly Twitter, Facebook, and StumbleUpon. (The other site? Not so much.)
  4. Depending on the day of the week, I’m working on some sort of blog, so you can imagine that I visit many blog backends daily. (If that answer doesn’t suffice, I can assure you that I visit Google at least once daily.)

4 Favorite Foods

  1. My favorite restaurant is Sara’s Pizza in Miami. They have pretty darn good pizza, but my favorite dish is their calzone, which is filled with black olives, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, sauteed onions, and green peppers. Miguel Lopez took a picture of me and the meal when we met in September.
  2. I absolutely love kreplach in chicken soup (or even in vegetable soup — I can handle it anywhere!) Kreplach are like wontons, only with a much doughier outside and tastier meat inside. If you go to Mr. Broadway in Manhattan, ask for the soup. It’s awesome.
  3. I’d probably say that my favorite cuisine is Indian, but probably because I never get too much of it. Prior to Austin (where I had to go outside the city in order to get Kosher food for SXSW), the last time I ate Indian food was in 2003. On that note, thank you to Jane for taking me out there to ensure I had something (great) to eat!
  4. I’m a sucker for sweets, particularly if milk chocolate is the primary ingredient. Brownies, Kit-Kat, and Reese’s Cups are three of my favorite chocolate foods.

Now it’s time to tag 4 people

  1. Jane Quigley
  2. Barry Schwartz
  3. Jason Falls
  4. Brian Solis

You can answer any of these questions: 4 Jobs I’ve had, 4 Favorite Foods, 4 TV Shows I DVR, 4 Movies I could watch Over & Over, 4 Places I’ve been, 4 Places I’ve lived, 4 Places I want to go, 4 Music Artists I’m listening to now, 4 All Time Favorite Musicians, 4 Shows I have been to, 4 Cars I have owned, 4 Things I have done in the past 4 years, 4 websites I visit daily, 4 places I’d rather be right now, 4 People I think will respond, 4 Things I look forward to this year, or 4 Underrated conversational topics. Enjoy!

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7 replies on “With 4 Days Before Blogger Social, I Bring You the 4×4 Meme”
  1. says: Chris Kieff

    Thanks for the link love and the response. I’m looking forward to meeting you next weekend for the Social. And I’ll be sure to keep you on my good side (OMG a PI!).


  2. says: Jason Falls

    I don’t have time to do a meme this week so I’ll just answer your tag in your comments … because I know you love comments and this will pad your word count! (I’m so giving.)

    Four Jobs I’ve Had
    1. Radio disc jockey
    2. Box office and house manager at a summer music theatre
    3. Olive Garden waiter (lasted three weeks)
    4. Nugget bin guy at McDonald’s (lasted three months … didn’t have to deal with customers)

    Four Things I Look Forward To This Year
    1. The birth of my daughter (May 6th due date)
    2. Hiring some help
    3. Building my first online community
    4. Publishing a book (or at least an e-book, we’ll see)

    Four Music Artists I’m Listening To Now
    1. John Prine
    2. Black Keys
    3. Digby (Louisville bar band I like)
    4. Gov’t Mule

    Four Things I’ve Done In The Last Four Years
    1. Changed careers
    2. Become a father (soon to be twice over)
    3. Sold a client on a six-figure project
    4. Interviewed a roller derby team

    I’m not tagging anyone because the links would take too much time. I tag Tamar to answer four more questions (different ones).

  3. says: Kate

    If you’re in Austin next time and need Kosher food, try Katz’s Deli. I am pretty sure (I could be lying) they are Kosher

  4. Kate, wish I could say it is. It’s “kosher style” but not really Kosher. I’d love it if they were, but serving ham and cheese doesn’t really constitute true Kashrut 🙁

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