Contest: Make a Wish for Someone Else this Holiday Season (and the Power of Blogger Outreach)

This is a sponsored post by Sears but the thoughts within are mine and mine alone.

As a blogger, you have the potential to reach a tremendous audience. As an individual, perhaps a company or an entrepreneur who is looking to spread the word about a new product launch, you have the potential to keep marketing costs down by reaching out to bloggers and having them talk about your product. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is through blogger outreach, which typically includes more than just sending out your press release: give the blogger the opportunity to try your product. Send them your book. Or your beanbag chair. Or give them full download rights to your new software product without restrictions.

You can do something else entirely. As part of the Don’t Just Give a Gift, Grant a Wish campaign by the Sears department store, I had the opportunity to participate in a shopping spree to help me or someone else realize our dreams. The idea behind this initiative was that I was given a $500 Sears gift card to “Grant a Wish” for myself, a loved one, or charity. At the same time, I was to photograph my experience in the store.

At first, I had no idea what to do. I was recently moved by “The Secret Millionaire” and wanted to realize the dreams of someone who may not be able to buy anything at all — so I decided to make sure my own purchases included gifts for young children.? After walking up and down the halls of the whole department store, my husband and I finally settled on gathering a shopping cart full of toys that we will end up donating to cancer-stricken children just in time for the holidays.

I also found myself being fascinated by the number of tools available for the DIY (do-it yourself) enthusiast.? I ended up buying a much needed tool that will hopefully allow me to remove stripped screws so that I can free up a trapped IDE hard drive in an external case.? Seriously — Sears has aisles upon aisles of drills, drill bits, and other thingamajigs that I wouldn’t even know how to use.

Still, though, I’m happy that I was able to use this experience to give to those less fortunate.? It’s such a perfect time to consider gift giving (and wish-wishing) for those who you may not know.? I’m sure it will put a smile on someone else’s face.

Giving Back, Contest Style

Do you want to make a wish for a special someone in your family or perhaps a few people at once? With IZEA’s help, you can also help realize the dream of someone you love or care about. Check out three possible three gift packages that I’ve crafted to make that happen:

The Family Fun Package
– Casio 8.1MP Digital Camera EX-Z80 (link)
– SanDisk 4GB SDHC Memory Card (link)
– Casio Leather Pouch Case for Exilim S and Z Series Digital Cameras (link)
– Emerson CDG Karaoke System – iPod Compatible (link)
– Fisher-Price Digital Arts & Crafts Studio (link)
– Harvard Electronic Single Shootout Basketball (link)
– HoMedics Bubble Spa Footbath (link)
– One For All 8-Device Learning Upgradeable Universal Remote (link)

The Camping Package
– Kenmore 596 square inch 3 Burner Gas Grill with Side Burner (link)
– Craftsman 4 pc. Barbecue Gift Set with Bottle Opener (link)
– (2) Coleman Hibernation Sleeping Bag (link)
– Craftsman Toolbox Cooler (link)
– (2) On The Edge Marketing Folding Chair (Flame) (link)
– Northwest Territory Dome Tent (link)

The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package
– Conair Double Sided Lighted Mirror (link)
– Conair Foot Vibes Massaging Slippers for Women (link)
– HoMedics Therapist Select Shiatsu Message (link)
– Rosetti Handbag Ring Tote (link)
– Relic Flap Checkbook Clutch Wallet (link)
– Metaphor Beaded Satin Clutch (link)
– Colorworks Fantastic Beauty Fan (link)
– Royce Leather Travel & Grooming Kit (link)
– 1/2 ct t.w. Diamond Composite Stud Earrings, 10K white gold (link)
– Seiko Ladies Calendar Day Date Watch with White Dial and Two-Tone Link Band (link)

There are three ways to win one of the above packages:

  • Leave a comment on this blog. Let me know the name of the package you are most interested in.
  • Use Twitter! Simply tweet out the following message: RT @tamar please grant my wish to win the #Sears (package name) – tweet to win your own wish
  • If you’re a blogger, write a post about the contest and link back to this post.? If you proceed down this route, make sure to leave a comment here letting me know that you did.? Include the URL to your post.

You can enter up to three times (each Tweet, comment, or blog post counts as a single entry). The winner will be chosen at random and will receive the package s/he selected.? The contest ends on December 23rd, so be sure to get your entries in ASAP. Please be sure to read the official rules for more information about the contest.

Good luck!

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1,149 replies on “Contest: Make a Wish for Someone Else this Holiday Season (and the Power of Blogger Outreach)”
  1. says: Kari

    I love that you chose toys for kids. So many charities are not recieving enough this year. I’d love to win the Pamper Herself Spa package for my overworked mother!

  2. says: Danielle

    Hi Tamar! I’d love to win the camping kit. Aside from loving the great outdoors and attempting to work to protect it, I don’t really get to go outside as much as I’d like. This is a wonderful contest and I wish you the best of luck!

  3. says: McKim

    I would love to win the pamper herself spa package for my daughter. She has been so stressed out between work and school that it would be great to be able to treat her to a surprise such as this!

  4. says: Rockstar SEO

    Tamar, Great idea…you are always on top of things… I’ll pass it around some.

    The Family Fun Package – i’d give that to my sister and her hubby for their new FAMILY as my nephew was born july 5th…

  5. says: Joseph

    Grant a Wish – nice to think of others besides ourselves!

    I’m interested in the Family Fun Package – spending more time with my family.

  6. says: Suzy Horvath

    I am on unemployment and this prize would help me to give nice gifts for my family. The “family Fun” package would cover just about everyone on my Christmas list. My fingers are crossed for this awesome win!!

  7. says: KC

    My mom and godmother more than deserve the “Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package” for all of the work they do for our family and those beyond (both involved in charity work).

    Either way, wonderful contest, lovely idea, and hope you are yours have an amazing holiday.

  8. says: neal

    i’d take the camping package; but the closest i get to camping is grilling steak on my fire escape; one family fun package please; hold the family; mine is enough trouble.

  9. says: AmandaK

    I’d love the The Family Fun Package. It sounds great!! Happy Holidays everyone!


  10. says: Estelle

    I’d like to enter to win the Family Fun package. It has something for everyone, and then some! My nephews would love the basketball game and the arts and craft studio.

  11. says: Nick Cobb

    Wonderful idea Tamar. I’d have to go with the Family Fun package though. Also, great work on the Social Media Etiquette post. I have been passing it along to many people in need of its suggestions.


  12. says: shelley mitchell

    What a great prize!! Any of these packages especially the camping and family fun back would be a dream come true in this awful economy. thanks!

  13. says: stejules

    I love camping and would be happy, if i could win
    “The Camping Package”

    Damn I need a new Sleeping Bag and when I think about the ‘Kenmore 596 square inch 3 Burner Gas Grill with Side Burner’ I am getting hungry.

  14. says: BuzzDiggity

    This is like asking me to choose between eternal happiness and world peace… I just…. I just can’t decide!!!!!

  15. says: Julie Jorgensen

    The Family Fun Package would be great — I would give it to my son and his new bride. My son is in the military and doesn’t make a lot of money.

  16. says: Corinne S.

    Oh what a great giveaway! There are great items in each package…it was hard to choose!
    I will go with the The Family Fun Package!
    I figure it is something for my whole family to share.

  17. says: Jerry

    Hi Tamar,

    What a really nice thing you’re doing and (with Sears) sponsoring. It absolutely defines the meaning of the holidays.

    In that spirit, I’ll opt for the “Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package” on the improbable chance I win, most of it to follow your example and be donated.

  18. says: Sheila H

    Wow, what a great thing your doing! I would love to win the family fun package, would make a lot of people happy this Christmas!

  19. says: Laura Emerson

    I would like to win the camping package. We love to go camping and lost most of our camping equipment to Hurricane katrina. This would be a dream come true. Good luck everyone!

  20. says: Amber DC

    The pamper spa package would be perfect! I live away from home, but meand my mom could really have some catch up time with this stuff! plus i’m in law school and i’m sure I can share this stuff with other kids in my class to help us relax from all that studying!

  21. says: Lois

    What a great idea..I’d like to win the dome tent…but if I won a 500$ gift card, I’d buy books and games for a low income preschool program.

  22. says: Margaret Smith

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would love the family fun pack. What great prizes! Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  23. says: Michele S.

    I would love to introduce my baby to camping. The camping package would be perfect to get kids out the house:

  24. says: Andrea

    Fabulous giveaway!! I would love the pamper me package..
    Sure could use it after this holiday season!! Thanks for offering such wonderful prizes!

  25. says: jon burg

    Love that you’re including charity. It’s like IZEA meets SocialVibe. Also enjoying that so many “legit” bloggers are participating with IZEA, makes the whole mob mentality issue with Brogan a non starter. Kudos for sticking your head out for something you believe in!

    Oh yeah, and if I win, I want the Famiy Fun Pacakge. So much stuff I didn’t know I wanted until I saw it on your list!

  26. says: Anna

    Great post and great fun Tamar! I think The Family Fun Package is the best here. A great bundle to bestow upon a family who needs to make new memories. So many people have lost their homes in recent disasters, and their memories along with them – this gift package might be a good boost for them.

  27. says: Karil Whetstone

    The Family Fun Package
    I’ve been good this year, Santa please visit my house with these lovely prizes!

  28. says: Dana

    Hey Tamar! This is fantastic! you are so sweet! I’m most interested in the “pamper herself” package. that would help lots of my girl friends this year!

  29. says: Patty

    I would love to win the pamper yourself spa package for my daughters to share. They are such great hard working woman. I would love to surprise them with this.

  30. says: Melinda Toungette

    All the package sound great, but at this time of the year the pamper herself package is the one I would love to win.

  31. says: Mindie W

    Family Fun Package would be such a great win for my family. I am in desperate need of a camera to capture fun new memories this next year. Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. says: Tina M.

    I would love to win the Family Fun package for my hubby.

    I had a present for him in lay away but the expenses related to our move have left me unable to pay it out and now there is nothing for either of us for Christmas.

    I have more than enough in life and I don’t need anything but my heart is breaking not being able to give him anything. He says it’s okay but it still bothers me.


  33. says: Dana

    Definatey the Camping Package! My family just discovered camping last year and we really need a good set of gear to do it right, and i have already reserved 2 campsites for next summer!

  34. says: Sandy M

    Even though it’s winter and there is snow on the ground here, I dream of camping this summer so I would like the camping prize package please

  35. says: dotlizard

    Tamar, i would love to win the Family Fun Package, which I would like to send to my friend Devyl (shhhh! don’t tell her!) who got laid off today, and is facing the holidays with no way to do anything for her tween.

    as for me, I’m fine thanks πŸ™‚

  36. says: jeanne

    The Family Fun package is what I would love. Our daughter needs a digital camera, one granddaughter loves Karaoke, another loves to draw, one grandson loves basketball and is on a team through school, our son is a techy guy and would love the remote and I would love the foot bath and hubby would be so happy he would save some money on Christmas gifts.

  37. says: Becky Mize

    I would love to win the The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package!! I would love to share this with my mom.

  38. says: Rebecca Wolford

    I’d love the Pamper yourself package! I rarely spend money on items like the ones in that package.

  39. says: David Bjorklund

    Techipedia Tamar Weinberg -Contest: Make a Wish for Someone Else this Holiday Season (and the Power of Blogger Outreach)

  40. says: Tracy

    I know the perfect family for the The Family Fun Package, it’s been a strained year for all, and anything that could put a smile on someone’s face I’m all for! Happy ‘holly’ days everyone πŸ˜‰

  41. says: Cathy W.

    What an awesome story of kindness. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I would love to enter for the Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package. Most of these items would go to my mom. At 78 years old, there isn’t much of her social security to buy extras.

  42. says: Crystal

    It would be a dream come true winning any of these packages. My personal favorite is the The Family Fun Package.

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  43. says: Marie Fink

    Any of them would be nice, but if I had to choose it would be The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package. Boy could I use this! m04taes(at)verizon(dot)net

  44. says: Melinda Toungette

    The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package. This one is for the family. I know they would love for me not to be stressed out.

  45. says: NotAMeanGirl

    I’m actually entering this for a friend. Her last 2 paychecks bounced and she was laid off yesterday. Suck suck suck. Family Fun Package for her PLEEEEASE!!!! God knows, they could use a lil family fun.

  46. says: alycep

    The Pamper Herself Spa package would be perfect for me, it has been a rough year for me as for many others and I would share it with a friend.

  47. says: Kimberly Ripley

    What a fabulous contest. It would be fun to pay this forward to a family I know who has very little for Christmas this year.

  48. says: Rammi

    I’m entering for the exact same person that NotAMeanGirl is entering for… The Family Fun package sounds perfect for her! Please?

  49. says: Jana L

    The family package for my daughter, who is recovering from an accident and has not been able to work for the past two months

  50. says: pritcharddesign

    I am entering for the same person as @NotAMeanGirl!! I know The Family Fun Package would be wonderful for her!

  51. says: Melanie

    The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package
    I could divvy this up between my mom, sister, niece and myself. All gifts are appropriate for at least one of us. Blog gods hear my plea and let this package be a win for me!

  52. says: MARILOUISE

    The Pamper herself Relaxation package has so many things which I would love for myself and to share with friends and family.

  53. says: Roger K.

    What a great contest, I have a single mom with 2 young children in mind, I know that the family fun pack will be welcome and greatly appreciated.

  54. says: hawkshoe

    I am most interested in the Family Fun Package as there is something in there that each member of my family would enjoy.

  55. says: Kenna Rgoers

    The Family Fun Package would be my choice! My family really enjoys karaoke! I see several things that would be put to great use! Thanks for sharing!

  56. says: Amy S.

    I think all the giveaways are awesome but if I have to choose I would pick “The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package”

  57. says: Christine

    I would love to win the Family Fun package. Thank you so much for the great giveaway and Happy Holidays to you!

  58. says: Diana

    this is wonderful, thanks so much! I like the The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package. these seem like great products.

  59. says: Heidi

    Would love to win Family Fun Package and donate it to our humane society. Would be great for the volunteers’ children to play while volunteer parents tend to the animals.

  60. says: Autumn

    I would choose The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package
    I would give the package to Ms Wheelchair Massachusetts 2009 when we crown her in March. Every titleholder deserves to be pampered.

  61. says: Suzanne Luxbacher

    I am interested in winning The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package, some thing I can really use.

  62. says: Deborah R

    I have 5 nieces, from the early teens to early twenties. They are all divas. My best bet is to choose The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package.

  63. says: Catherine KingChuparkoff

    The family fun package not only would be wonderful for our family, but my friend Sarah’s family would benefit from many of the items too!

  64. says: Lori M.

    I like the Family Fun Package, because I have siblings who have lost their jobs and I could break up this package and share with them and their families. There is something for everyone. Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. says: sally wess

    i like the The Family Fun Package that way everyone benefits. thank you for the opportunity to win one of these fab packages

  66. says: J. P. Feingold

    Sign me up for the Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package. Watches and diamond earrings appeal to me.

  67. says: Debra B

    WOW I would love to win The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package there are so many fantastic prizes in that package I was blown away, thanks for sponsoring such a super giveaway and allowing me to enter,GLTA And Merry Christmas to All

  68. says: Kim

    Any of the packages would be great, but my choice is the The Family Fun Package. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  69. says: Christine Messer

    I would like the family fun package…it sounds like one I would get a lot of use out of with my family.
    Thank you for the contest!

  70. says: Richele Herr

    I would love the family fun package! It would be put to good use when all of my nieces and nephews come to visit or just to capture memories when I am visiting them.

  71. says: Jill L

    I’d love to win the “Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package” because I would love to be pampered! Thanks.

  72. says: DEBIJOT

    I would love the #3 Spa Package for my daughter. She is a nurse working for 2 hospitals and has 2 small children. She really needs some pampering! Thanks

  73. says: dotlizard

    just noticed you can enter three times, this is entry number two, for the Family Fun Package for my friend ‘Devyl’, a single mom who got laid off yesterday, and is facing rough holidays for her and her ‘tween’.

  74. says: Kendra

    oh the spa pack would be awesome ! I would share that with some friends that so need that! thnx for the opp!!!

  75. says: Barbara McCrea

    I could use the family fun package, the whole family would just love this, were going to all get together for Christmas so it could be great! Thanks for the giveaway and Merry Christmas!

  76. says: Kasey

    I would love to win the Family Fun Package, the kids are getting older and this will help make family night so much funner !
    Thanks for the contest !

  77. says: Sandra Monical

    All three are fantastic packages. Took me 15 mins to decide which I would most like. The Family package .. no wait lem think. ahh ok. The family package.

  78. says: Jennifer Short

    Oh wow, it is hard to choose! I’d probably opt for the Family Fun package so I could please more than just myself. πŸ™‚

  79. says: Jen

    I would choose family fun, we are adding a new little baby to our family any day now so family fun is something we will need a lot of in the future

  80. says: Christopher Mayfield

    My wife works very hard and always does for others
    I would love to surprise her with the
    The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package

  81. says: Kimberly Ripley

    The Family Fun Package would truly benefit a local family who has very little this year for Christmas.

  82. says: Guttu

    Wow!! Cool gifts. I hope Santa grants wishes for all. As far as I am concerned I would like to have The Family Fun Package. Is Santa listening to me??

  83. You know I have been reading all of the posts from the bloggers who were chosen to do this Sears make a wish thing.I must say most of you are so generous to give away toys to kids.I think it is an awesome thing to do.

    I like the Family Fun Package taking pictures has become my new thing since I have started blogging and the camera I have now is not so good.

  84. says: Erica

    I would love the The Family Fun Package. Unfortunately there is going to be no Christmas for us this year. With bills, mortgage, and me out of work, we can’t afford afford Christmas.

  85. says: Jessica

    I’m putting my name in for the Camping Package. My husband and I always agree to give more at Christmas and only do small things for each other. He would adore this package and I could give him a special Christmas, which he certainly deserves.

  86. says: Susan

    We’d sure love the “Family Fun Package!” With a family of 6 and my hubby out of work due to a layoff in September, this would be a wonderful Santa surprise for our family. Thanks!


  87. says: oliva

    I would LOVE to give “The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package” to my loving mother who needs it. She has been in the US for a little over 20 years and has not gotten any type of pampering, whether it’d be just get a mani/pedi or a massage. She works 6 days a week for about 18 hours a day and surely needs it! She owns and takes care of an elderly home care! She really deserves something like this!

    I will post a blog about this soon~

  88. says: CHRIS


  89. says: Beckie

    The family fun package. This is the loveliest and softest side of Sears yet.

    Thanks for the wonderful opp, and happy holidays.

  90. says: Alex Shalman

    Wow this is really cool. I would love to win the Pamper Herself package for my girlfriend. She really deserves it because she uses every minute of her time productively. She’s keeping up a 3.87 GPA at Rutgers business school. Does a full day Friday interning at Merrill Lynch. Is an officer of 2 clubs that raise money for breast cancer (Bead the Cure and Bake the Cure). Studies hard every day. Calls her parents and grandparents daily. Interns at multiple companies all summer long. Is a very supportive daughter, granddaughter, friend, classmate, and especially girlfriend.

    I do the best that I can every single day to show her that I appreciate her, but being a student myself I can’t splurge on totally awesome stuff like the Pamper Herself Spa package. I can’t think of a person who deserves this more than her and my wish is that she gets it.

    Thanks, hope this contest goes well Tamar!

  91. says: dave barnes

    I would love the camping package! Used to go camping all the time with my family when I was a child . . . but not anymore because I don’t have any camping gear πŸ™‚

  92. I would love the camping package πŸ™‚ May not be the best thing in the winter to do but would be an awesome family thing do do year round. Cookouts n Kids is always a win win for me πŸ™‚ [must admit being outside is scary though ;)]

    Great post and idea Tamar, I will be sure to spread the news. It’s a joy to help spread the joy even if we dont win. Good works are there own reward and your reward will sure make someone feel good πŸ™‚

    Mich D aka @MichDdot

  93. says: David Mihm

    Echoing what others have said, the family fun package seems to have something for everyone. Good stuff, Tamar.

  94. says: Kristen

    I would love to win the Pamper Herself Relaxation Spa Package for my mother. She is always doing something for other people and not taking enough time for herself. This would be a great gift for her this Christmas! I also tweeted.

  95. says: meryl

    It would be nice to receive a gift for whatever they are willing to give. They all sound great. A nice gesture to give to someone you love. Maybe we can get the $500 gift certificate from Sears, as our TV is broken.

  96. says: Ross

    Since it’s just about time to replace our gear (because we’ve all grown), I’d love to surprise my family with the items found in the camping package.

  97. says: CHRIS

    I think they would like the family fun pack thanks

  98. says: Amy Bond

    Family Fun Package is what I would choose, it was a hard decision, though! Happy Holidays and thanks for the contest!

  99. says: Vince

    That Family Fun Package is awesome! But, the man inside me says if I don’t choose the Pamper Her Package for the wife, I’ll be sleeping on the couch. DECISIONS!!!

  100. says: Marvin Jones

    Because I always look to take care of my beautiful girlfriend first, I must go with the Pamper Her Package for the Princess in my life. Hopefully I will win and I can tell her that I spent weeks putting this great package together!

  101. says: Jason Lankow

    My wife is basically the queen of karaoke. Her specialty is Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and she truly does make the bar come alive. Not in the annoying way that most good singers would, but just in a subtle way, and then she goes and downs her Coors Light. I want to set up the Family Fun Package so badly I can taste it!

  102. says: Tammy Rucker

    Great post Tamar. I would chose the family fun package. Please enter me to win.

    This would be given out to a charity or family in need. I was just sent this and still need time to check where and who we would send it to. More than likely we would personally deliver the package to a family that we chose through an organization, or we would donate different items to different families in need in the name of Sears, and the others involved. Either way, it will all be donated of course.

    Thank you for the opportunity. And good luck to everyone!!

  103. says: Gera

    Hi Tamar!

    Very nice contest! The family fun package please…if the random number is destined for me.
    Have a great holiday!
    BTW I’ve re-twittered too πŸ˜‰

    Gera .:. sweetsfoods

  104. says: Janna Baker

    Wow, excellent gifts Tamar. I love Sears and would love to win the Family Fun Package.

    I love your blog and can’t wait to do some shopping πŸ™‚

  105. says: Mary B

    I’d enjoy winning the Family Fun Package. It has something for everyone and would be a great gift to bring the family together.

  106. says: avi

    wow, almost 500 comments, i’m impressed! if i win, the family package sounds nice – however i will leave it up to you to decide which charity to donate it to. nice job!

  107. says: avi

    nice work tamar, almost 500 comments, impressive. if i win – ill take the family fun package, but will leave it up to you to decide what charity to donate it to. great post.

  108. says: Greg Davies

    I’m here to let you know that Silent Jay really wants the Pamper Herself package. He’s just too afraid to admit it publicly

    As for me, I like the Family Fun Package. Sounds awesome.

  109. What an outstanding contest! I’d love to win any of those packages AND have it donated to United Way, or Salvation Army or any woman’s shelter. As long as it goes to somewhere that can be put to good use by someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to have these things.

  110. says: Darrell Long

    I think this is an awesome idea and I’m glad that you were able to be involved in this Tamar, that being said I think many where i am at would value the The Family Fun Package over the other two, so thats what ill choose.

  111. says: Toni

    The Family Fun Package

    i would give this to my family due to all the lay offs and hardship we are currently experiencing. Would take our minds off the every day hubbub!

  112. says: PJ

    Hey Tamar great job in selecting toys and donating them to charity. As much as we like to receive during this holiday it feels even greater giving.

    If I am chosen I would select The Family Fun Package.

    Best of Luck!

  113. This is a really great idea and an awesome example of how one can leverage a community’s power together for a great cause!

    Sign me up for the family fun package plz πŸ˜‰

  114. says: KC

    Hey Tamar! It’s KC, Brian’s coworker. πŸ™‚ What a fab idea! I would take the pampering package (although it took me forever to decide that).

    PS – Congrats! πŸ˜‰

  115. says: lisa

    I would go with the family fun package because i really need a digital camera. The stuff i couldn’t use i would give away.

  116. says: Mabelyn

    I think this is such a great idea! At my job we helped a coworker recently sponsor a needy family. It was a single mom and her 14 year old daughter. For the daughter I bought paint brushes, a sketch journal and a bunch of crafting supplies that were on her wish list. It felt great to fulfill someone’s holiday wish who was more needy than I. Keep up the good work!

    Spa Relaxation Package

  117. says: Shannon

    I also sent a tweet out! This is a great post Tamar! I’ll speak up about a spa package to help me wind down from the chaos of Holiday time.

  118. says: Julie Sanders

    Pamper herself spa relaxation package for a friend who is acting brave but i know is having a very hard time coping with loss.

  119. says: Abby

    Hi Tamar – Cool contest! I sure would love that family fun package! I hope you make it to 1000! YAY Sears! Happy Hanukkah!

  120. says: Brett

    I think it’s great that you put those who are less fortunate ahead of yourself this holiday season! The picture’s great, too!

  121. says: Jennifer F.

    This is such a wonderful giveaway. My friend’s family would enjoy the Family Fun Package so much. Times are tough here in Michigan, and her husband just got laid off from the steel mill. Christmas is definitely going to be hard on them this year.

  122. says: jill

    Hey Tamar – this is a really cool idea, good on sears for going after it. I’m in for the family fun pack πŸ™‚

  123. my 12-year-old daughter work on finding ways to bond around what we both love to do – camping is one of our shared interests. would love to win the camping package and share the love with my budding teenage girl! peace, and thank you for the opportunity. dgirlp

  124. says: De in D.C.

    I’d love to win the camping package. Our family does a fair amount of camping with my son’s cub scout pack, and our little 3-person dome tent is proving to be a bit small for two adults and a rapidly-growing boy. The extra space would be great!

  125. says: Alex

    What a great idea. Love the Sears Hardware Dept and the so adequately named “thingamajigs”. The Family Fun Package for me! If I win it will go to charity!

  126. says: Holly

    I have six kids so I could really use the relaxation package. But with 6 kids the Family Fun package makes more sense.

  127. says: Robin

    I’d like to try for The Family Fun Package
    I have a lot of people in my family that would love these gifts. My Mom would really appreciat the foot bath, I accidently broke hers a long time ago and she’d appreciate this one, which is much nicer than her old one was.

  128. says: Gyutae Park

    Tamar, this is awesome! Wow, so many replies.

    Well for me, I’d like to win the Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package for my girlfriend (not for me, don’t worry).

  129. says: Ryan P

    I would really like the “The Pamper Herself” package. I have a mother and a sister who would like these items =).

    Thanks, and good luck!

  130. says: B. Johnson

    I really, really like The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package! Thanks for offering such great prizes.

  131. says: Susanne Gonzales

    I would love the camping package for my family. We have 5 boys and 1 girl, they would love that.

  132. says: Yehudis Gruber

    These packages sound great. I wouldn’t take one if I won, but I think it’s cool. Excellent job, Tamar!

  133. says: alethea

    wow! Tamar! I read your post and what you decided to spend the money on, and it really moved me! πŸ™‚ I’d like to take part in the family fun pack. I plan on blogging about this because to me it’s amazing and how thoughtful your choice was. Keep on doing awesome things!

  134. says: stephanie parks

    I would love the pamper herself spa package, I have not had a vacation or time off for 4 years. I work 11 hours days and this would be a great treat for me. thanks

  135. says: Eloise Carlson

    My family would defintely love the Camping Package, we do a lot of camping in the summer and this would be perfect. Thanks so much for such a wonderful opportunity!

  136. says: LOIS PAYTON

    I would love the pamper herself spa relaxation pkg and give it to my daughter, she workers so hard at her job working with small children all day.

  137. says: Francis Welch

    I choose the Family Fun Package for my family to take as many pictures as we can to show to my elderly mother who recently entered a nursing home.

  138. says: Vikki Parman

    The Pamper Herself Relaxation package – I take care of everyone else in my family and don’t have alot left to take care of me.

  139. says: Suzanne

    The Camping Package look great! Our grill just died last week, so this would be perfect. Thank you so much for the contest!

  140. says: Katie Ward

    I would LOVE the The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package! Especially after all this Christmas craziness! Conair – take me away πŸ™‚

  141. says: Franklin B Thompson

    Would love to have the camp package – would allow me to do some out-of-town photo shoots I can’t now afford to do.

  142. says: Valerie

    The Family Fun Package!! We have not been able to purchase gifts yet ( I’m hoping soon )and my children would love these. Thanks!!

  143. says: Chris

    Call me selfish, but I would the the Pamper Herself Spa package. I work (very hard) in retail and an just about worn out right now. This would be a really great treat.

  144. says: Kristen V

    I Love the secret millionare as well. The whole idea of giving to those less fortunate even if you may not be a millionare can teach your family valuable lessons.
    I have tried to teach my children that lesson. I have 3 kids , two special needs fairly high needs. But, there is always someone worse off than you. So, I have tried to teach them not to let it hold them back, and to not let it label them.

    I live by the pay it forward philosphy. I think that it takes a village to raise a child, and you cant idly sit by and watch everyone suffer. So, to share with others is noble.

    I would choose the family camping kit. We like to spend time together as a family and camp as much as possible.
    thank you for reading and Merry Christmas

  145. says: Barbara Cafarelli

    The Family Fun Packages is my choice.. I really would love a decent camera I am so tired of dealing with throw away cameras since my other one broke!! There is something there for everyone in my family.. My fiance would love the foot spa as he complains about his feet all the time as he is on them at work all night. Thanks for the chance to win !!

  146. says: linda schorel

    Totally stressed out by life. My husband and I both received reduced hours at work and right before Christmas. My daughter totalled her car and damaged her face. I really need some relaxation.

  147. says: israel y

    most interested in the “The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package”. but the Family Fun Package comes as a close second

  148. says: Catherine Lawson

    Oh my….they all sound wonderful, but I would have to select the Family Fun Package…we have 2 grandchildren and 1 adult child living with us! (altho I probably need the “pamper herself spa relaxation”)

  149. says: Sadie Carey

    I really love what you have done. We are in the same kind of sentiments in our house as well. This year I cannot afford to give anyone, including my own kids things. I feel really bad about it. I would love to get the family package so I could give it to my Mom and Dad and younger brothers and sisters. It truly is better to give than receive, and I would be so happy to do this for them. Good luck to everyone.

  150. says: LeAndrew Taylor

    All three are ‘awesome’ prize packs, but I think I’ll go with the ‘Family Fun’ package, because there’s nothing more important to me than spending quality time with my family! And the great thing about the ‘Family Fun’ package is that it’s loaded with games and activities that can be enjoyed by each member of my family! Thanks for the ‘awesome’ giveaway and Happy Holidays!

  151. says: Tina J

    The camping package would help us out so much. We were supposed to go this summer but could not afford a tent so were hoping to go next year sometime.

  152. says: Antonio Salerno

    Most interested in The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package so I can give it to my wife since I didn’t buy her anything for Christmas yet.

  153. says: Tee M.

    I would definitely like the “Pampered” package – nice change from the hectic season rapidly approaching!

  154. says: Kristina

    Firstly would like to thank you Tamar for involving us with this contest πŸ˜‰

    I’m for the “Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package”

    Hey good luck to all the participants and of course for me too πŸ˜€

  155. says: Kim


  156. says: Mi

    As much as I’d love the pampering items, I would really like the camping package because it’s something my whole family would enjoy.

  157. says: Irene Tickett

    I would pick the camping package for my husband because we havent really been able to afford those things this year. He would absolutely LOVE it!
    Thanks for the contest!

  158. says: Fantacy

    Definitely the camping package!
    We have not been able to go on a family vacation because of hubby losing his job 2 yrs ago (we are still trying to catch up) and we have not been able to afford even a decent tent to go camping in! this would be perfect for our family. I have 2 boys and a girl who all love being outside, camping, fishing, hiking…This would be a dream package for us! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  159. Tweeted entry for the Family Fun Package.

    More important than winning is seeing how you and your husband approached this opportunity to help kids with cancer! You rock!

    And, it’s been fun to learn about

  160. says: Karen H.

    I’d so enjoy the Family Fun Package! I’m in dire need of a modern camera and the other prizes would be very entertaining.

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  161. says: Gloria S

    *Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package: Conair lighted mirror, Conair massaging slippers for Women, HoMedics Therapist Shiatsu massage, Rosetti Handbag tote, Relic checkbook wallet, Metaphor Beaded Satin Clutch, Colorworks beauty fan, Royce grooming kit, 1/2 ct diamond stud earrings, Seiko Ladies watch.

  162. says: patti s

    no blog but my daughter could really use the Family Fun Package so she can send pictures of the grandchildren

  163. says: Christina

    I LOVE the Family Fun Package of technological devices, and it was a great idea that you had, bundling items into packages! Thanks for the opportunity to win one (which, of course, I could never afford otherwise!).

  164. says: Theresa Jenkins

    the family fun package…our family has tripled in the last few years and this would be great to bring us together for a fun night

  165. says: JustinSMV

    helping others who are less fortunate and doing good things in your life is great karma. I wish you the best Tamar! The family fun package would be awesome to win! take care

  166. says: Tammy Kennedy

    The Family Fun Package,
    I have for each of these items a person who would love it so I’m giving to many to make a brighter day for all.
    Thank you
    Happy Holiday Season.


  167. says: Elizabeth S.

    Although massaging slippers are tempting (I had no idea such things were available!), I’ll have to go with the Family Fun Package. Thanks!

  168. says: Widgext

    I would take the family fun package, I really don’t know how to camp and would be remiss to spend my site out in the woods with nary an understanding of how to do any of that camping stuff.

    I would opt for the Family Fun Package or The Pamper Herself Spa (since no one seems interested in it). My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, not being Christian nor religious and all – fortunately my birthday and a few others in my family falls in the same week as Christmas – so I’ve never felt left out. I really like the atmosphere of Christmas, but this year it’s a little jaded because of the whole economic recession scare.

    Anyways if I win this, and even if I don’t, I’m going to make a donation at the local SPCA (with all the cost cutting, animals really need your donations – while everyone is giving to human charities, people sometimes forget about the animals – who need money and donations of food, toys, and basically supplies. It makes a huge difference just donating some food or a clean blanket)

  169. says: Debbie

    On my way to a YMCA Holiday party. 4,000 kids – 4,000 presents. That is my present to myself!!! But I would love to come home to the Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package

  170. says: Adriano Martinez

    I would love the family fun package. Can’t afford any gifts this XMas season and it would be sure nice to surprise my family!

  171. says: Donna T.

    I would like the ‘Family Fun Package,’ as my sister teaches elementary students at a school in a small town, and so many of the things in that grouping, would be a big help to her and the children, plus the other teachers.
    Hope this inspires many other readers/bloggers to “pay it forward,” also! Best wishes, and happy holidays to all!!

  172. Number 2, the Camping Package. As my dad gets closer to retirement, I know he’ll want to go camping more. It’d be a great way to give him time with his buddies and give mom a few days to herself.

  173. says: joanna smith

    Hi Tamar! Wow! You have truly put together 3 spectacular packages! You obviously put a lot of thought and heart into creating each one and they are fantastic! Of course as a woman my first thought is to choose the Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package but then when I think about my 3 young children I say I should go with the Family Fun Package because the kids always come first. So, having said that, my choice is the Family Fun Package. I know my children would have so much fun with this and it is something the entire family can use and enjoy together! I know we can build so many wonderful moments together with the items in this package and document those memories with the wonderful camera! Thank you for letting us all dream about these amazing products and giving us all an opportunity to enter! Happy Holidays to all!

  174. says: Terry C

    I would like to enter for the Family Fun package. It has something for everyone. Thanks!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  175. says: Kevin Elliott

    Thanks for the chance,
    I too would go with the “family fun package” and share it with my brother, and my two neighbors.

  176. says: Susan Yates

    I think the Family fun package is great. I could have a lot of fun with a camera and some art supplies.

  177. says: Cindy Stodolka

    As a foster parent the two Timex watches my husband bought me over the years were taken by shelter care children that were placed with us at various times. We had many kids it was not their fault as many came out of horrendous abusive homes of horrer and taking things that did not belong was a way of survival. They had never been taught any different.I would love The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxtion package as i would totally adore the watch.I have never been able to afford a nice watch due to being the parents of many throw away kids. Their needs came first, took all our earnings.I would love the watch.A treat for myself.

  178. says: Elsie

    The Family fun Package is just right for the elves in my life…those who make everyday bright, take care of everyone and they don’t forget any details…they are:

    S-weet, serious, special, sharing…
    E-xcited to help,
    A-mazing and ambitious,
    R-eady to be a friend, and
    S-o very extraordinary!

  179. says: cathy pirko

    the family fun package would be great for my two boys. after their father died its been pretty hard to nurture them and pay the mortgage on one income so anything that would bring us together would be fantastic.

  180. says: Ursula Correll

    I would love to win the Camping Package for my brother-in-law and nephews. They love to camp, but their equipment is old or borrowed. They lost their home to foreclosure last year but are now renting it back. Someday they hope to own it again. Thank you for offering this contest!

  181. says: Jeanette H.

    They all sound like so much fun but since I am ALWAYS doing things for others and never for my self, I think this once I will be a bit selfish and choose the Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package (oh who am I kidding, most of the prize would still go to family and friends).

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  182. says: deepikaur

    Aww, sweet of you to donate gifts to children! =)

    Family Fun Package sounds great! My little brother’s been wanting a digital camera, and I’m sure he’d enjoy it.

    Also, while reading your post, I noticed that you linked to several of your online profiles in the sidebar. I urge you to go check out Retaggr’s service (online ID of sorts). It will help you encompass all of your online profiles nicely. If you’d like to check it out, I did post a review on my blog.

  183. says: Douglas

    definitely the family fun package but they are all great prizes and I would be happy with any !!
    Merry Christmas !!

  184. says: Kimberly D.

    Ohhh! I would love the Spa package, BUT since I love my family, lol, probably the The Family Fun Package! Thanks sooo much for this wonderful opportunity! Merry Christmas!!! πŸ™‚

  185. says: Tom Jennings

    Clearly the FamilyFun Pack …a little something for everyone in this electronics age! Merry Christmas!

  186. says: Melissa Jennings

    The Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package sounds so inviting right now with the press and rush of the holiday season….that’s my pick! Happy Holidays!

  187. says: Cynthia Shern

    There is a Homeless Lady named Joy in Louisville KY. She is in a wheelchair and doesn’t always make it to the shelter on time to get in. I would love to see her get the camping package.

  188. says: Aisling

    I would so choose the Pamper Herself Spa Relaxation Package. I’ve been doing a lot for others lately and would really enjoy some gifts for me. Of course, there are a couple of those that I’d share as well.

  189. says: Julieh

    Wow, I would love the camping package. I live in Arizona, and there are so many great places to enjoy the outdoors.

  190. says: Karen P