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In 2011, my highly anticipated Internet Marketing Best Posts is being moved to subscription only.

For years, I’ve spent thousands of hours to find you amazing content. One of you even thinks it’s worth $1,000,000. Would you do $1 million of work for free? Didn’t think so. In 2011, the best content will be sent to those who sign up to my newsletter.

In addition, beyond the general high quality and evergreen posts on Internet Marketing, I’m including a segment of new trends and data that may help you improve your current efforts right away. Any recent surveys and findings that I come across will be shared with short summaries of the key findings of these articles. If you want know about tools and reviews of the newest social networks, it’s all there.

Want a sampling of the email you’ll get? Just head on over to the best internet marketing articles of 2010 post and take a look. Exhaustive, right? I know — it took me an entire year to write. It’ll be easier to digest when sent monthly, so sign up now.

People love this post. It’s one of my most popular posts on Techipedia. I spend the time finding the signal from the noise so that you don’t have to. If you want that signal, sign up today. The first official newsletter for January posts will go out this week and has over 30 high quality links, so be sure to get in before time runs out. Once the newsletter is sent, you will not be able to access older emails.

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10 replies on “Get the Best Internet Marketing Posts in Your Inbox THIS WEEK”
  1. says: ShanaC

    I have to ask, given what we know about internet media and its similarities/dissimilarities to more traditional media, why should there be the expectation that viral rates will be low with email.

    While I doubt this will go groupon (aren’t enough people interested), wouldn’t you expect some loss from people forwarding? I mean what is stopping me from reposting the entire content of the email as a blog on wordpress? (i’m not, but that is beside the point)

    //note I have been having a partial discussion over this fact on occasion with the guy who started

    1. Shana, good questions and those who sign up agree by being a member not to repost the content anywhere. It’s included in the terms that users receive when they sign up. 🙂 I also ask that you individually sign up rather than sign up on behalf of your entire company and pass it internally. I’d think I do deserve that at least; this is a lot more than $10 of work.

  2. says: Tatev

    Tamar, great information. I am only a starter in the SEO business and am developing my internet marketing objectives. Reading good and useful information is my first step. I am going to sign up today. And I know you digg out all the great posts of the year every time. Love those posts of you. Thanks 🙂

  3. says: Deborah

    Hi Tamar,
    You seem very knowledgable, I really need someones help:
    I created a facebook page for our business that was labeled as a company, all was going well and we were on a roll of close to 300 likes. Then I made the mistake of hitting the upper left corner tab that states “create profile” , input my name and password of the account and it then totally changed my company page by attaching a personal profile that asks me to fill in all the blanks. The problem is, I already have a personal profile and only desire the company page. Now it won’t let me get rid of the attached profile and/or make a name change to the profile and I am dreadfully scared I am going to lose my company page that 300 dedicated customers have already ‘Liked’. What do I do?

      1. says: Deborah

        Tamar, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, facebook is not available to help with these things. They have no email contact, nor phone. Everything directs you to their help center, in which the answers are not thorough.

        1. I’m aware. You may be able to get by by filing a bug report.

          Also, you can probably assign the page to the correct account as administrator.

          I can’t really troubleshoot your issue without getting access to your account, and I’m not entirely sure you’re looking for a consultant for this at this time.

          1. says: Deborah

            Other than the profile I attached to it by mistake, I also made my personal facebook an administartor, just in case I loose it.
            I am surprised that fb isn’t as accomodating to business as they should or could be. It’s very frustrating to be ‘left in the dark’ when you have something so pressing that needs to be ironed out. Thank you so much for your tips and hearing my frustrations. Say a prayer for my job ~ my boss may not like this!

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