Rate Products Positively or Negatively. Get Paid.

Big bucks for anyone who posts their reviews on products or services for ReviewMe. Aaron Wall of SEOBook has partnered with Andy Hagans and the concept is something out of a marketer’s dream (and a shopper’s, too!)

ReviewMe is not yet launched but is expected to be up within the month. Bloggers will get paid to write unbiased reviews on products or services, and they will get paid to do so, no matter which way they swing their opinion. The advertisers pay, and the bloggers get to disclose that they are reviewing the product or service available.

What’s the result? More exposure to products and more honesty with fat payouts!

Update 11/9: ReviewMe was launched today, but my blog missed the mark due to not meeting minimum acceptance criteria. I’m working on that readership as this blog is still new, so I will review ReviewMe when I get a chance, and that will hopefully be soon!

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