Some of my Favorite Free SEO and Social Networking (Blog Rank) Tools

There are a number of excellent SEO Tools for Firefox and a few great keyword research tools. There are also some nice blog search tools and that are featured.

Some of the best things in life are free. I am thankful to those who have shared wonderful tools with me and I would like to share them with others too.

A few of these are new tools. Some are old and well-known. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 🙂

SEO Tools

  • SEO for Firefox: An excellent Firefox addon that provides users market data from Google and Yahoo search results, including PR, age of domain, links from external pages (and types), type of domain, Technorati data, Alexa ranking, DMOZ listing, number of cached pages, Bloglines subscriptions, Yahoo directory listing, and whois information.
  • Page Strength SEO Tool: This SEOmoz offering calculates the value and visibility of your page and incorporates links pointing to the URL/domain, Google search results position, age of domain, links from .edu and .gov sites, Alexa rank, number of results in Google that include the domain, internal link percentage, Technorati links, links, DMOZ listing, Wikipedia reference, and Google PR.
  • Top Ten Analysis SEO Tool: Released by Jim Boykin and company last week, this tool allows you to see a number of stats based on a domain name and a search phrase, including top 10 sites for that phrase on Google/Yahoo/MSN, number of pages in the index, backlinks, .edu/.gov site links, Alexa ranking, Google’s allinanchor rank, whois age of URL, Wayback machine age, and how often the keywords were used on this page.
  • Google Keyword Research Tool: Allows you to enter a search phrase and get other possible search phrase combinations, as well as the competitiveness of the search phrase within Google ads.
  • SEOBook Keyword Research Tool: An exhaustive keyword research tool that gathers data from Google, Yahoo, Wordtracker, and Keyword Discovery, providing a table output with related keywords, estimated traffic, and links to bid prices on different search engines. The more competitive the term, the harder it is to rank for the desired term.
  • Spyfu: Even though this system is still in beta, it’s a great keyword research and PPC estimation tool. It shows you which keywords your competitors rank for and their positions. You can learn about your competition’s bidding habits, advertising budget, clicks per day, cost per click, and ad position/percentile/competitors, among others.

Social Marketing (Blogging) Tools

  • BlogJuice calculator is fairly new. It’s a great little tool that enables you to see how your blog is doing compared to others in your niche, or in general.
  • On the same note, Terry Ng has built a very cool Bloglebrity tool yesterday that shows you how you rank compared to other blogs.
  • How much is my blog worth? This cool little tool gives you a blog ranking, in dollar amount, on the basis of its popularity on Technorati.
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