Stumbles for the Week of November 19, 2006

StumbleUpon Links of the week: a Daily Color Scheme finder, a game with Blobs, a shareware giveaway of the day site, top 100 network security tools, and a healing food reference guide.
  • Daily Color Scheme: A nifty little tool for web developers who need a creative push for a website’s color scheme.
  • Blobs Game: A cute little addictive-quality game where your goal is to eliminate blobs by jumping over adjacent pieces.
  • Giveaway of the Day: Each day, one piece of shareware (or commercial) software is available to download — for free.
  • Top 100 Network Security Tools: A list of useful security tools for the system administrator.
  • Healing Food Reference: Contains a list of fruits and vegetables will aid in healing of illnesses.
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