Check Me Out in March 12′s PEOPLE Magazine

PEOPLE MagazineAs you may or may not know, I read PEOPLE magazine, mostly for the focus on real people rather than the celebrity gossip. I read an article two weeks ago about Dina Babbitt, a survivor of the Holocaust, who was forced to draw pictures of gypsies in the concentration camps. Because she had a talent, her life was spared.

The drawings were discovered in Auschwitz, which I personally visited in 1998. She wants them back. I think that claiming those drawings would be a disservice to the community and to the people who want to learn about the history of the survivors. I wrote in to the editor with my thoughts, and this is what I received today in my email:

Dear Tamar Weinberg,

We are happy to inform you that your letter (or portion theeof) [sic] has been chosen for publication and will appear in the 3/12 /07 issue of PEOPLE.

Thank you for writing and for your continued interest in PEOPLE.


M. Hart
Letters Editor

The 3/12/07 issue of PEOPLE will be hitting newsstands next Monday (3/5). :)

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