Google Needs to Screen Ad Purchasers More Closely

Earlier this morning, I reported on Search Engine Roundtable that Google users are becoming infected with malware after clicking on Sponsored Listings. The problem was discovered on April 10th. Another victim of a similar Google AdWords hack reported the issue on April 23rd.

Yesterday, I also addressed a consistent concern about irrelevant Google AdSense ads. This problem is a lot more prevalent. The URLs don’t necessarily take users to the desired location. I suppose the paid search experience, even with a Quality Score, is just not as good as the organic search experience for some terms.

It’s April 26th and there’s a definite need for a very involved human element to be introduced into assessing the reliability of sponsored listings. Minutes ago, I noticed via TheGoogleCache that there’s a definite problem with sponsored results displaying totally useless information.

I was able to reproduce the problem too. Take a look and see for yourself:

What's with these Google Sponsored Listings?

As more and more people find the way to monetize, more and more people find ways to exploit monetization. With the billions of dollars Google invests in advertising, it would be a wonderful thing if they got it down pat algorithmically. But until then, there should be a many more pairs of eyes working to ensure that surfer experience is enhanced from a paid perspective.

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