Going Above And Beyond Your Call of Duty

What can differentiate you from another company is your ability to go above and beyond what is necessary of your job description.

There are thousands of competing businesses. Each can say they offer so-and-so, but there’s going to have to be something that differentiates Company A from Company B.

I’ve been observing company behavior and recognize that an important differentiation is when you go above and beyond what is required of your job description and show extreme dedication to an individual’s needs.

Seth Godin wrote about this aspect earlier this week. I wholeheartedly agree. As a customer, I feel more inclined to send praise to a manager when I see a representative go above what is necessary to make sure I am satisfied. I am more inclined to continue my business with this company again. I am more inclined to recommend other people to this business.

Doing the bare minimum is still probably good enough.

But following up, doing work beyond the minimum — that is what ultimately establishes a personal connection between you and and your clients.

Working late nights and long hours and taking that 5 minute period out of your lunch break to make sure that your customer is happy with your work is an important element of strengthening your business relationship. Further, it lets your customers see you in a more positive light because you are doing something that you may not necessarily be getting paid extra for. It shows your customers that you care and that their happiness is important to you.

That’s more than many businesses even strive for.

And that’s what I’m doing this Saturday night.

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