Show Your Appreciation

Show your appreciation to the people who mean much to you in business.

Holiday CardIt seems so routine (and often a burden) that it is often easily forgotten. But the end result evokes emotions that are priceless.

I signed up for a popular service several months ago and didn’t expect to hear from the company after I had signed up. Within two months, however, someone in customer relations touched base with me simply to see how I’m enjoying the service. I didn’t think much of it but followed up with them and thanked them for their concern.

Months later, this same service provider sent me a handwritten holiday card. Considering their popularity and knowing that they have a lot of customers to attend to, this had a considerable impact on me. It goes above and beyond what is necessary or expected. It shows that it’s not about meeting the minimum requirements. They care about their customers.

I’ve been extremely satisfied with this company and they didn’t have to prove it to me by sending me a card. Their services were always highly recommended.

But going that extra step makes me, the recipient, understand how much more important it is when you are told you’re appreciated. It reinforces my faith in them and leaves long lasting effects.

Your customers, your coworkers, or your peers may not expect anything from you, but doing something extraordinary will leave a good taste in their mouths knowing that they are valued. And it’s a wonderful time of year for that kind of lasting impression.

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