23 Community Reactions to the New Digg: Outlook Not Good

After writing my piece on why the new Digg just isn’t what it used to be, I already started listening to community feedback regarding the social network that I thought was worth sharing. Since the Digg submission of my story was already buried, I sincerely hope that Digg listens to what their community members have to say.

  1. By trying to make Digg more social, it really became less social. (Michael via Twitter)
  2. [Today is] the day that Digg died. (Lyndon)
  3. I also can’t see if I have Dugg a story until I open it. (webcure)
  4. I don’t like that I have to click 2 times to see an article. (webcure)
  5. If friends are deemphasized, why does the algorithm still continue to penalize the “top submitters?”
  6. WTF, you can only go back 3 pages of friends submissions now? (Alex)
  7. It’s ironic that Kevin Rose said that he likes to “build things you click on.” Is that why we have to click twice?
  8. Talk about memory leaks in Firefox now that I have to open more windows. If this is a way to thwart blind digging, it’s not working.
  9. What happened to a simple news site? Did Pownce do so badly that Kevin and crew had to merge Digg and Pownce into Digg?
  10. All of the usability issues and obvious screw ups are killing me. As Tamar pointed out, it’s a social news site, not a network and I could care less about how often profiles are updated. I want to see a description of the article, I want to be able to digg the article or comment immediately and then I want to get out of there, because I’m busy! Hopefully they take the feedback to heart. I’d love to know if they did testing and found that this new approach was really worth it. (Rhea Drysdale via Sphinn)
  11. The Digg front page is already being impacted. It seems stale and slow-moving. (Adam)
  12. Ugh! I haven’t fully looked through the changes, but the major thing I noticed is the inability to see the description of the article. It’s going to be a pain in the butt to deal with. (Linda via Pownce)
  13. I just signed in a took a peek. No descriptions on friends submitted. What is the point? They trying to drive us away from our friends list? digg only works right if you back out of your profile. All this stuff you can do with your friends now…except browse their submitted stories in a normal fashion?? wth? (Kelly via Pownce)
  14. i am sick and tired of �social networks� and i really don�t want messages and friend lists and about me stuff. i like digg because it�s different and i hope that difference doesn�t erode with these new features. i�m going to block any of you sending me �digg this article� messages. (canwediggit)
  15. The internet doesn’t need another MySpace, Facebook, Hi5, Orkut, Multiply, etc. social networking site. There are already too many. What I like about Digg is that news and networking were kept separate, now… I just don’t know. (FyreGoddess)
  16. Diggbookspace coming soon. (supernova17)
  17. Seriously wtf….this sounds like mission creep. Digg 3.0 was the best…anyone else remember the good old days? (EllisAshbrook)
  18. I am more convinced that Kevin is responding to pressure from investors to take his huge digg numbers and stats and take on Facebook. This was a rushed redesign job. (Barbara via Pownce)
  19. They probably took out the descriptions to look more like reddit or delicious… it makes sense when you are going thru your own stuff, like my diggs and submissions, but it should be an option in the profile to bring it back I think that by hiding the “digg it” link they are trying to discourage “blind” diggs (digging w/o reading the actual article), but I dont think is a very good way to do it. And the shouts… well, at least now I dont have to use pownce or twitter to spam my friends for diggs 😉 (Miguel via Pownce)
  20. Unfortunately, it seems they are encouraging submission spamming the way friends submitted is set up now. I hate that thought. The site will get lame real fast if you have to shout at your friends to get diggs. (Kelly via Pownce)
  21. It’s not a positive change to remove story descriptions from your friends activity list. I’m really having a hard time conjuring up a logical reason for it. I honestly can’t think of any. Unfortunately, I am NOT going to click on every single one of my friends submissions just to read each and every description that I previously was able to skim over the course of a few pages. I’m sorry but that’s WAY too many clicks for a digger with over 320 friends. This will result in me digging A LOT less, and inadvertently skipping stories that may have otherwise caught my interest. I’d advise the digg UI team to reconsider this one. (decepicrat)
  22. Digg just wanted to be able to brag about page views for a buyout. If this is a community run site, and majority of the community dislikes it, the site should do what makes the community happy. Digg adding all this functionality will attract that “MySpace, want to be cool on the internet crowd.” Which generates lots of ad clicks because most of them are easily tricked… naw, they are retarded. Good move for Kevin Rose, unless there is some kind of change traffic/user wise. (pictureDIGGER)
  23. The new Digg can kiss my ass. Why can you read everything on upcoming and homepage but not on your profile? (Jihan)

Digg users quoted by Mashable react similarly.

By the way, did anyone realize that the “sort by most Diggs” option doesn’t quite do that anymore?

Digg Comments: Now Broken

For more splendid comments, please see the comments to my other Digg post, the Digg submission of that post, or add your feedback below. Of course, I’d love to hear some positive reaction. Is there any? 🙂


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