Pubcon 2007 Recap

Pubcon LogoThe highly anticipated Las Vegas Pubcon 2007 has come and gone, and I can tell that everyone is waiting for Pubcon ’08 from the enormous success of this conference. First, some educational takeaways:

  • Social media is the “new” medium for businesses to communicate with consumers in a way that is interesting to them.
  • Craig Newmark isn’t altruistic, but he sure created a damn good website.
  • Every conversation shifted to Twitter, as folks recognized that they can brand themselves and their businesses through a Twitter identity. On that note, if you’re so inclined, you can follow me on Twitter too.
  • Good content and copywriting will win over new readers and customers.
  • Make sure you have good pockets (or a wallet) if you are carrying cash in Sin City.

The only downside is that we were all scattered throughout every part of the strip and I don’t think I saw everyone I expected to see. But for those of you who have come to expect these kinds of conference wrap-up posts, you know the drill: it’s time to greet everyone once again. So, without further ado, here are my shout-outs in no particular order: Neil, Cameron, Frank, Laura, Jill, Chris and Danielle, Avi and Sheara, Elmer and Isaac, Ben and Eric (CHEESEBURGERS!), Brent and Annie, Michael, Rae, Lisa/Susan/Robert/Bruce, etc., Dan Rezmovits, Jane, Rebecca, Scott, Jeff, Mel, Rand, Gillian, Sarah, and Jason, Ciaran, Marcus, Markus, CK, Andy, Lee, Mike, Todd, Tamara, Andy, Matt Cutts (thanks for the shirt!), Taylor, Greg, Barbara, Dax, Cesar, Todd, Jeremy, Nate, Scott, Pat, Rob, Carolyn, Dave, Rhea, Tony, TheMadHat, Michael, Laura, Geoff, Dan, Lisa, Steve, Michael and Aaron, Michael the chiropractor, the Yahoo! clan (Kristen, Roger, Melissa, Marc, Ruth, Dave, Tim), Vanessa (where’s my email address!?!?!), Matt Stoddart, Matt Franklin, Matt Inman, Brian Clark, Jon, Abhilash, Natala, Aaron and Giovanna (who I saw for all of 3 minutes), Chris and Jihan, Nate, Dave, Vanchau and Mike, David, Stoney and Michelle, Bill Hartzer, Jeff, Christine, Bill, Li, Alan and Chris, Lacy and Karla, Arnold and Jeff (who flew with me from NY to LV), Sean (who flew from LV to NY with me), and of course, Danny Sullivan (yet even though I never saw him, if I don’t give him link love, I know he’ll call me out on the Daily Search Cast).

Of course, my trip would have been a sorry little disappointment if it weren’t for two people. Thanks to Neil and Brian for cheering me up. Best of the Web rocks! ๐Ÿ™‚ (I’m wearing your sweatshirt right now!)

And here are some very cool pics including the I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER clan and David Caruso of CSI: Miami.

David Caruso from CSI Miami with Laura, Tamar Weinberg, and Jill SampeyRae, Jane, Lisa, and Rebecca - Pubcon Vegas 2007
Avi Wilensky and Tamar Weinberg - Pubcon Vegas 2007Sarah, Dax, and Vanessa - Pubcon Vegas 2007
Rhea Drysdale and Tamar Weinberg - Pubcon Vegas 2007Waiting for Matt Cutts. These are not Macbooks! - Pubcon Vegas 2007
I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER!!!!!! - Pubcon Vegas 2007Dave, Nate, Tamar, Jeremy, Michael - Pubcon Vegas 2007
Jane, Lisa, Pat, Rhea, and Matt - Pubcon Vegas 2007Rebecca, Jason, Scott, Tamar, Jeff, and Mel - Pubcon Vegas 2007

Thanks much to Brett and the WebmasterWorld team (Neil, Scott, and the rest of that wonderful bunch) for putting together a great event!

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  1. says: Jane

    You make a point to specify that your links are in no particular order, but it pleases me that I’m the first Mozzer listed. Take that, Becs!

  2. says: eCopt

    Thanks for mentioning lil’ ole’ me Tamar!! Love your work and writing style, it was great meeting you too. Thanks for stopping by our booth and for spending so much time speaking with our team about your passion for search and SEM. Keep it up, see you at the next event.

  3. says: markus941

    I still don’t understand why the hell Caruso was there.

    It was cool meeting you – despite you trying to guilt me into compensating you for the lost cash ๐Ÿ˜‰

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