PEOPLE Magazine Mailbag, March 12th

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2 replies on “PEOPLE Magazine Mailbag, March 12th”
  1. says: Roberta Pomeroy

    I am ashamed that we as a nation have sunk so low that the actions of “Honey Boo Boo” are on TV and in your magazine. Four children with four different fathers, mothers legal woes and loud bizarre bahavior. TV not worth watching. Tv producers should be ashamed of themselves for the vulgarity of this families actions instead of broadcasting it. Roberta Pomeroy

    1. Roberta, I have no affiliation with PEOPLE magazine. I was simply featured (as you intended to be) in one of their past issues.

      Honestly, to me, this is just an extension of The Real Housewives. That, too, is pretty awful trash, but PEOPLE never ceases to cover it ever. I actually wrote a letter to the editor myself about this and they didn’t publish it.

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