I’m Stuck in the Sandbox and I want Out!

As a new blogger and a new face to the crowd of SEO, I’m faced with this big challenge: where are my readers going to come from? I encountered this issue before when I first started blogging back on my personal blog (now defunct … or rather, just hidden) back in the day, but my friends were not the type of people who were actually interested in reading everything — though I will admit that I did have a good following among the closer ones. I will credit Andy Hagans for his excellent guide to getting out of the sandbox so that people will actually know who I am and maybe consider me to be an authority one day.

What is this sandbox that I speak of? I’m new, so allow me to introduce this, even though you’ve seen it hundreds of times before if you’re already in the industry. The sandbox effect is a Google method of basing its rankings (bringing them to the top of the search engines) on a trust mechanism. Furthermore, older sites (and domain names) fare better. Getting your site on authoritative sites is critical. Link bait is a necessity for people like me, and the list by Jim Westergren, while old, still holds true today and is a great starting point. This guide by Andy at TextLinkAds (also known as TLA) is definitely worth serious mention and consideration.

In a sense, I’m kind of doing all right. The domain name existed (and is a pretty good one, I might say), but I just never used it. Still, even great domain names (and old ones) may have lousy content and people might choose never to return. I refer you to yesterday’s document on how to capture the audience.

Regardless of having the resourcefulness, graywolf is very right when he comments:

Building quality content without links is like locking William Shakespeare in a room to write for himself.

Therefore, besides working on making this site something special (which truly does come first), I guess I’ll be busy for quite awhile. Thank you for tiring me out, Andy, but it was worth the read.

Update 10/9: Graywolf has an excellent blog about the sandbox: it’s not about getting out of the sandbox but about getting into the trustbox. Now it’s just about building that audience and gaining that trust.

Tamar Weinberg is a hustler and juggler. She is the VP of Marketing at Ruxly Creative, a creative marketing agency. She's the Director of Sales at Internet Marketing Ninjas, a 100+ employee search engine marketing agency located in upstate New York. She also rocks global sales at financial media publication Wall St. Cheat Sheet. Finally, she is the Chief Strategy Officer of Small Business Trends. Oh wait, and she's also the community manager at Namecheap. Yeah, like a boss.

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