Cool Website of the Day: NYC Google Map Hack

I’ve decided that there’s a lot of potential for my blog to go in many different directions, since, after all, its title is “Everything Tech.” I could focus on the same kind of content that I find when I read a lot of the inspirational websites that I subscribe to on Bloglines, my RSS feed reader, or I can be a little bit different.

I’m choosing the path less traveled by.

The focus of the “website of the day” blog (or, I’ll be likely to provide an update every few days with only resourceful links) is to share something new and unique — or so I hope. Further, it’s something that you should be bookmarking or digging on its own merit, not on the fact that I’ve decided to publicize it.

Without further ado, I now feature onNYTurf: NYC Subway Google Map. For me, as a New York resident, this is one of the most interesting subway maps that exist today. I should also mention at this point that I am married to a transit geek; just check out his gallery.

Edit 9/30/06: Gawker adds on this and provides a NYC Subway Smell Map. Ah, no thanks. Maybe I’ll walk after all. –tw